Let’s go back to 2012
This is something I had to delve
Sorry— this is something I had to delve into
There must’ve been the devil in you
Who in their right mind would kill their six children?
Kill them by setting fire to their own building
Mick, Mairead and Moseley make me sick
I hope all three of them burn in hell quick
Staging their “concerns” over 999
Telling them lies lies lies
Then Mick has the nerve and confidence
To ask and stage a press conference
With him and Mairead bringing their lies to confluence
They weren’t banking on the situation being heavy and ponderous
The incident was rather sonorous
As well as insane, asinine and preposterous
It’s no wonder that he was called “Shameless Mick”
He’s got no goals in life so he’s an aimless dick
I’m ashamed of Mairead coz she’s a brainless bitch
No grace and no remorse coz she’s a graceless git
She’s ugly all over coz she’s a shapeless shit
They don’t give a shit and that’s just the tasteless bit
It’s one thing to kill your kids in a blazing fire
But it’s another thing to portray yourself a hero
When you’re found out to be a LIAR!
I’m glad that those two have retired
To their new homes known as PRISON
Mick Philpott has no reason for living
What he and Mairead had done cannot be forgiven

Copyright © 2018 René Olivierre all rights reserved.


To the Frightful Five— You Can ALL Burn in Hell

This is a note to the frightful five
Who the he’ll would want you for a wife?
When I had you lot— you were live
To be fair you all made my ting come alive
But nowadays you all look like shoddy archives
All broken down like a group of Stepford wives
One of you cannot invent or contrive
Right now I am not feeling contrite
I’ll start off with clapped-out Jenny
She now looks like a bad penny
A raving, stinking drunk with a Buddha belly
You could say she’s a modern day ugly Betty
Who gets her clothes from JC Penney’s
Thinking that she’s twenty
And that she’s hip and trendy
Her hot breath is beyond smelly
Let’s talk about that mad cow Lauren
With whom I found quite boring
Except when she’s arguing and warring
At times her sexiness was roaring
But now she’s built like James Corden
Begging for authority like a traffic warden
Her behaviour to me was foreign
And she constantly took the piss like urine
Now I’m moving on to Nina
This one fancies herself as a diva
Thinking that she’s got more spice than a Latina
Putting herself in chains like Tina
She definitely ain’t beautiful — ain’t that right Christina!
Nina’s always stinking of a Margarita
All rickety and clapped-out like an old Ford Cortina
You can rest easy now Lima and Eva
And there is that stinking disease
Better known as Denise
Her manners are on the decrease
She’s full of trickery and deceit
Let’s be honest she’s no Caprice
Fronting like she’s sort of masterpiece
She better give her arse some peace
Before I dunk her arse in grease
And run to bask in Greece 🇬🇷
What an embarrassment to her kids and her niece
And last but definitely not the least
Lithuania’s very own sex beast
It’s the protester Ernesta
I met her when she was a fresher
She was a beast in bed
But rubbish when it came to giving head
This bitch tried to take me for a court jester
So I had to show this heifer
That I ain’t no prick
So she can suck my dick
All five of you bitches make me sick
You can all burn and suffer in Hell
With your rotting flesh smell
As the five of you are locked in a cell
With a matching cow bell


Copyright © 2018 René Olivierre all rights reserved.

She made me turn my head quick
With those brown eyes, smooth skin and red lips
A visual perfection
Looking sexy in every section
Dare I mention
That she’s got every fellas attention
Most of them would develop an obsession
Others would pose a question
Her presence alleviates depression
This visual is more than a one-dimension
The black and red that is intertwined
In her hair like a fine wine
Skin so smooth and polished like pine
You don’t have to be an Einstein
To know that she can blow your mind
She’ll have you scratching at your hairline
The bottom line
Is that this vision of beauty
Cannot be redesigned
Or redefined
I can understand why men are hypnotized
Over this vision of paradise
She is somewhat of an enterprise
It’s obvious that she is a visual ecstasy
She is not your plain Jane or your boring Bethany
And secondly— she is beyond the average pedigree
Especially with the way she moves like a goddess-like entity
Her face should grace the cover of Ebony
She epitomizes love, not hate and enmity
Everything about her is just heavenly
To look that good should be considered a felony!

Copyright © 2018 René Olivierre all rights reserved.

Let’s just set the record straight
You can either show me love or show me hate
Either way mate
If you expect me to care then you better sit down for a long wait
As if I ain’t carrying enough weight
Trying to stay sane within my mental state
Going from state to state
With a shitload of stress on my plate
I feel the animosity like my name is Chris Tate
Never mind— I’ve got the Lyle to my Tate
And she keeps me sweet like Foxxy
With the feistiness of Roxy
I’m discriminated on social media
They’re trying to read me like an encyclopedia
Keep that shit for Wikipedia
Or for your friends doing projects in multimedia
These haters spew more nastiness than chlamydia
Bitch! My name ain’t Lydia
I’m dead serious
This hate mail is getting tedious
Those people who think nasty of me are hideous
It is beyond delirious
You guys make me laugh like comedians
Who are short on comedic ingredients
To this day I still don’t give a toss
I will still keep on strutting around like Kate Moss
I’m on top of my shop like a boss
Still jumping to Kriss Kross
Sailing onwards like Chris Cross
Whilst staying on the grind like Rick Ross
While others stay pissed off
I give thanks that I’m still living
As I’m still making a living
With no fucks given
Success is what keeps me driven
To the ones that continuously slate me
You are forgiven
To all the men, children and women
I am not the villain
But regardless of the ill-wishing
I’m still winning
Whilst the lot of you are trapped in a mental prison
Still bitchin’

Copyright © 2018 René Olivierre all rights reserved.

I’m In Awe Of This Goddess

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I’m In Awe Of The Goddess In You #LimaraWorld (Poem Eight)

I look at you and I see WIFE
You make me feel mighty good and hella fine
Whenever I feel your sexy body pressed against mine
And like a fine wine 🍷
Your body just gets better with time
With the added freshness of thyme
You are every inch a dimepiece
With more bling than a timepiece ⌚
You are a living fantasy and a goddess
To this day you are the hottest of the hottest
So glad to be able to find comfort and solace
Sorry love I’m just keeping it honest
Oh my sexy goddess
Everything I have and own is yours
And that is a promise
I don’t care if what I feel for you is wrong
You can be in my presence all night long

Copyright © 2018 René Olivierre. All rights reserved.

Oh Ophelia
You should know that I’m feeling ya
Every time I be seein’ ya
And all the time I wanna be in ya
From London to Brasilia
Always cooking something up like Delia
You’ve been on my brain like memorabilia
Dare I say that you DO have the keys to my heart
And that you come second to no tart
Ophelia where do I start?
My love for you is like a fine work of art
You’re the bullseye to my dart
Wheeling me away like a shopping cart
I’m sitting here feeling like a spare part
Thinking about you like a real sweetheart ❤️
Knowing that I’ve got nothing but sweet love
As beautiful as the sight of a fleet of doves 🕊️
I never stopped loving you
I’m still in love with you
And I still can’t get enough of you
Still in love with the pretty and the rougher you
I want to feel your touch
The kind of touch that I miss so much
Whilst others talk about this and that and such and such
The presence of you has me hopping around like a game of Double Dutch
I’m laying here alone in my big expensive bed
With thoughts about you in my head
With all the romantic things you once said
Turning my face to a crimson red
I miss your warm and fine
Body pressed against mine
We used to nights when we wined and dined
Ophelia… To this day I still wish you were mine

Oh Ophelia ❤️❤️😍😘😍😘❤❤

Copyright © 2018 René Olivierre all rights reserved.

I’m All About That Fried Chicken 
Oh my goodness 

I can’t help but smell that lovely bit of goodness 

The smell of fried chicken 

It’s all good and finger-licking 

From United States to Great Britain 

It serenades me like a song from Bob Dylan 

It even has my gut purring like a damn kitten 

My mum’s fried chicken’s got me smitten 

To the point that it’s got me trippin’

This fried chicken’s got me sitting presidential like Nixon 

I gotta fire my arse back into that kitchen 

Trust me! My mum’s chicken will give you an arse-kickin’ 

Fuck Sam’s chicken— more like Sam’s pigeon 

I love my fried chicken like I love women 

Because they tickle my gut like Eddie Griffin 

Yes! I’m all about that fried chicken 

Because it’s delicious and tasty 

There’s no need to serve it with lashings of gravy

No way matey! 

I know that sounds crazy 

But fried chicken and Bisto gravy? 

I’d rather serve it with some pastries 

Or eat it with some French fries me lady! 

This tray of chicken’s screaming out “embrace me”

With the peppery hot coating setting out to blaze me 

Getting down to business like Karren Brady 

From phase one to phase three

My love for fried chicken does not faze me
Copyright © 2017 René Olivierre all rights reserved.