I’m All About That Fried Chicken 
Oh my goodness 

I can’t help but smell that lovely bit of goodness 

The smell of fried chicken 

It’s all good and finger-licking 

From United States to Great Britain 

It serenades me like a song from Bob Dylan 

It even has my gut purring like a damn kitten 

My mum’s fried chicken’s got me smitten 

To the point that it’s got me trippin’

This fried chicken’s got me sitting presidential like Nixon 

I gotta fire my arse back into that kitchen 

Trust me! My mum’s chicken will give you an arse-kickin’ 

Fuck Sam’s chicken— more like Sam’s pigeon 

I love my fried chicken like I love women 

Because they tickle my gut like Eddie Griffin 

Yes! I’m all about that fried chicken 

Because it’s delicious and tasty 

There’s no need to serve it with lashings of gravy

No way matey! 

I know that sounds crazy 

But fried chicken and Bisto gravy? 

I’d rather serve it with some pastries 

Or eat it with some French fries me lady! 

This tray of chicken’s screaming out “embrace me”

With the peppery hot coating setting out to blaze me 

Getting down to business like Karren Brady 

From phase one to phase three

My love for fried chicken does not faze me
Copyright © 2017 René Olivierre all rights reserved.


Oh Kizzy… 

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Kizzy— You Make Me Feel Dizzy

It’s now I’m craving McDonald’s like my name was Lizzy 

Always on the move because I’m really busy 

Until I saw this dream of a woman— her name is Kizzy 

Her aura keeps me bubbling like a can of fizzy

That smile of hers gets me in a tizzy

Hello Kizzy— you’ve got me feeling like Lionel Richie 

This woman’s presence has the majority of fellas all giddy

And all the boys acting silly

She walks with the style and grace of a goddess 

The kind of body that could grace a black and gold bodice 

This woman’s skin is so smooth and flawless

With the warrior princess aura of Lucy Lawless 

Yes I was blown away 

Thinking about her as I went home today 

She’s more than a princess— to me she a queen 

Kizzy’s the type of woman that’ll have me busting at the seams

As crazy as it seems 

She will have any man hooked on her like cocaine 

Even the church boys would start thinking profane 

Kizzy carries the essence of Utopia 

Which makes sense because I’m a Utopian 

This is gonna sound extreme 

But she’s too good to be true— a bit like a dream 

The fellas are foaming over her like shaving cream 

Looking like she’s rich in flavour like clotted cream 

She is a proud African woman 

Never dull, dumb or woollen

A woman of natural beauty 

With a nice waist and a booty

She’s a damn cutie 

Rocking her dreadlocks like it’s her damn duty
Copyright © 2017 René Olivierre all rights reserved.

Let’s Have Sex— MAD SEX! 

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Let’s Have Sex— MAD SEX! 
Before the feeling blows off

I wanna rip your clothes off

And have mad sex until we doze off 

Getting you all wet like we’re having a hose-off

I can’t wait for us to let loose 

To give you this juice 

In order to butter and season your goose 

I believe I have more than enough juice to spruce 

Have a sip of Rémy Ma with a side of papoose 

As we’re getting ready to join up like a truce 

Stirring up a sweetness like a chocolate mousse 

I really wanna get Randy like a moose 

With the way you use your charms to seduce me

Oh do excuse me! 

I’m just taken aback by the way you wanna conduce me 

Stop fucking around and just sluice me

It’s been a long time since I was happy 

Well— since I’ve seen out all 6 series of Downton Abbey 

Let’s get hot and steamy like we’re in the back of a taxi 

Soaking up my shit like a nappy 

I wanna see you get mad and snappy 

Speaking dirty Spanish to me— call me your papi! 

You can serve your saltfish with my ackee

And I’ll tuck into you like a beef patty

I know that sounds wacky 

But in fairness I’m not trying to sound savvy

Whether we’re indoors or on road

I just want to blow my load 

And I want you to be a part of this mad sexual experience 

Going at it like a couple of teenage idiots 

And middle finger to those who think that we’re hideous 

We should be peppered up like Nigerians 

I wanna sex you into a sexual oblivion 

To put you into a state of ethereal delirium 

Dare I say I am dead serious 

As I aim to get you flowing red like menstrual periods 

I’d probably sneak a kiss from you— call me insidious 

Your body ticks every got-damn criteria

Let’s have this mad sex— make it delirious 

After that experience I might need to into spiritual deliverance. 
Copyright © 2017 René Olivierre all rights reserved.

Just Fuck Me Senseless 

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Fuck Me Senseless

Let’s just fuck until we can’t fuck no more

I want to be the Michael Douglas to your Demi Moore

As well as the James Bond to your Pussy Galore

Fuck me senseless until my dick gets sore

I want you to fuck me all over the living room floor

With my dick harder than the living room door

Continue to go hard and dirty like a filthy whore

Going super wild like a bloody boar

We’re being the antithesis of a total bore

Bounce me hard like an exercise ball

Splash my dick hard like a waterfall

Until you break your vaginal wonderwall

Let’s go mad as if we’re having a brawl

I’m loving the way your legs are wrapped around me like a shawl

Staggering like we’ve been on the pub crawl

As you already know that I’m enthralled

With the hypersexual energy you’ve installed

Enjoy yourself as if it’s a fairground ride

As my spunk shoots up like a Tsunami tide

Continue to let loose like a horny schoolteacher

But still R.E.S.P.E.C.T. me like my name’s Miss Aretha

Keep going keep going— don’t stop for breathers

I like it nice and hot like a row of halogen heaters

Fuck me senseless and fuck me stupid

Put a spring in my step like a fucking cupid

Work the punani girl, WORK THE PUNANI

Keep me entertained like the channel Toonami

Keeping with the theme of being sexually unreasonable

With your pussy smelling like the reason of it all

Anything between us is more than achievable

Fucking me senseless is more than conceivable

I gotta tell you that what we have tonight is unbeatable

No one else can imitate it— it’s unrepeatable

Baby you’re making me feel breathless

We’ve got each other so I don’t care about being friendless

I’m more interested in your vaginal entrance

In terms of its acuteness and wetness

Let’s go on and on— I just want to feel restless

I want tonight to be endless

It’s already oversexual and stupendous

I feel blumming headless

As I’m losing all sense of my senses

So just do what you do best and fuck me senseless
Copyright © 2011 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “SEX— My Sexual Fantasies: My Gross Take on Sexual Activity and The Beauty of Intertwining The Flesh”); written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)

Cleopatra— She Captivates Me

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I melt with every touch 
It was the kind of touch I longed for so much 

She keeps me safe and secure like a rabbit hutch 

Making me wanna do the Double Dutch 

Her presence was what I yearned to clutch 

She intoxicates me like a bowl of punch 

All that gold dripping off her looked plush 

This woman is as royal and regal with a flush 

Even at times she makes me blush 

Whenever we’re having a spot of lunch 

She could’ve had her pick of the bunch 

Every time she turns up I turned to slush 

When she walks in I’m instantly hushed 

I could break myself off like a shortcake 

Over the way she stays sweet like a sorbet 

This queen looks sexy in her warpaint 

Making me wanna tear through the air like a warplane 

She captivates me all day 

From the first to the fourth day 

She’s been slaying her competition always 

And I don’t mean it in a small way

Even the way she struts it down the hallway 

Has all the fellas played out like a ball game 

This queen should slay those ladies in Norway 

Even from those ladies… All they 

Could say was Cleo P— have it your way 

I’d be watching her walk from my doorway 

Thinking of more ways 

To be entertained like a show from a Broadway 

The look in her eyes keeps me captivated 

An interest in her has had a lot of men activated 

Turning solid men all crumbly and dilapidated 

What I’m saying is the truth—it is not fabricated 

She smothers me with her undiluted charisma 

Let’s keep it real— she is the business 

I’m celebrating her presence as if she was Christmas! 

My infatuation and love for her is abysmal 

She to me has always been an enigma 

The total antithesis of disgrace and stigma
Copyright © 2017 René Olivierre all rights reserved.

Oh Careen! 

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Oh Careen 

Oh Queen Careen

She’s the type to make others green 

Green with envy it seems 

Getting into my system like a vaccine 

Even at times I feel like a teen

Most men would bounce away like a trampoline 

As the sight of her has me juiced up like a tangerine 

Shaking and strutting her stuff like a tambourine 

I suppose she’s naughty by nature with the jamboree 

Jealous brothers getting yellow like a submarine 

Wanting to pop off like a submachine 

Taking me back to the days of when I was thirteen 

When I was on the prowl— just constantly flirting 

This queen’s got a load of heads turning 

She’s very classy and urban 

The atmosphere is stirring 

Hapless fellas are in the corner jerking 

Off over her— wanting to put the work in

Her figure has some fellas wrongly swerving 

Even losing their shit to the point of cursing 

Throwing themselves over like a game of curling

This woman’s the type to rock any man’s boat

She’s definitely got my vote

The powerful melanated woman is what she promotes 

She’s sexual and sensual like a love note 

Now I’m going down that slippery slope 

Somebody pass me the soap

I’m on a high like a stick of dope

Queen Careen— I beg you to give me a glimpse of hope 

This woman has my undivided attention 

Making me want to stand to attention 

Queens like her are moving up in the world like an ascension 

All these feelings, emotions and affections 

I’m looking at her as if she’s body perfection

She’s got that smooth complexion 

Whoops here goes my confessions

And all these little things are going in one direction

What I feel for her has more than one dimension 

She can hold me in her detention 
Copyright © 2017 René Olivierre all rights reserved.

Dad— Why Don’t You Just Fuck Off? 
I spent the majority of my life looking up to you 

Wanting to be you 

Excited to be around you

To be as cool as you 

But I was never good enough for you 

So Dad… You can fuck off
There were times when I was living in hell 

Still waiting on you to ring the bell

As father and son I thought we would gel

But I was never good enough for you 

So Dad… You can fuck off as well 
Not once have you told me you love me 

How you would put your other kids above me

You never gave a stuff about me

Still thinking that I was never good enough for you 

So Dad… You can fuck right off
As a father you could’ve done more 

I didn’t ask to be born

I bet you wished I wasn’t born

Because of your lack of love I am torn

Was I ever good enough for you? 

Well Dad… I suppose you can fuck off
I really wanted to be like you 

Aiming to do right by you

I wanted to wear bright whites like you 

Mate— I probably would’ve died for you 

But I was never good enough for you 

So Dad… Why don’t you go and fuck yourself? 
Daddy dearest… Just do what you do best and DO ONE

I wish you well and I hope you have fun

Just forget that I ever was your son

Live your pointless life and enjoy the fucking sun

Nothing you say or do anymore can have me stunned 

For all I care you can pop off like a gun

You can fuck off Dad — we’re done

Looking up to you I feel kind of dumb

My disgust for you is weighing more than a ton

Probably close to a megaton

Completely spun

I was never good enough for you Dad 

So Dad… I am asking you nicely 

To go and fuck yourself 

Go and get fucked

I think it’s safe to say that we’re done… 
You can fuck off now
Copyright © 2017 René Olivierre all rights reserved.