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Hypnotized By Your Body Babe...

Your Body’s Calling Me

Your body’s calling me
Calling old horny me
Your toned legs and thighs
It’s a sight for sore eyes
Your body’s a gem
I wanna ride you like Jem
And get dirty like Den
Whilst banging to Boyz II Men
It would be a waste
If I didn’t caress your waist
My eyes are burning like mace
With your boobs in my face
Your body’s calling my name
It’s more than fun and games
The feeling’s shameless like James
I can assure you
That I won’t bore you
When I explore you
It’ll be hard to ignore you

Copyright © 2011 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “SEX– My Sexual Fantasies, My Gross Take on Sexual Activity and The Beauty of Intertwining The Flesh”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


Going Through The Darkness To See The Light

Light vs. Dark


There’s something so right
When you’re walking in the light
Shining like a star that’s so bright
Taking off like a kite
Feeling lighter than a packet of Walker’s Lite
As I kick off like the footie legend Ian Wright
With these rhymes that I write
Keeping myself right
And straightforward as well as upright
I would like to be the light
That people can see during the night
Whenever I decide to take flight
Without giving anyone a fright
Turning people’s faces white
Like they’ve seen a ghost from the Isle of Wight
This bright beam of light is so bright
That it reminds me of a flashlight
I feel like a knight
Riding into the night
Much to my haters delight
And their spite or despite
As they’re sipping on Sprite
This bright light
Keeps me on top like a height
Holding me together like a building site
Trying my best to look like a pretty sight


I’m sitting in the park
In the dark
Having a lark
With my mate Mark
Taking the piss as he leaves his mark
We’re strolling through the streets like Superman Clark
Terrorizing car parks
Rooting around like aardvarks
Making squiggly lines like stretch marks
As the day has darkened
People are becoming disheartened
As they trash people’s houses and gardens
Throwing stones at expensive apartments
Shouting A-HAAAA at people like Alan Partridge
Random nutters are trailing off the department
Whenever they see red like scarlet
Staggering around like zombies and piss-artists
These dark-minded clowns are coming through like bombardments
Keeping safe with each other like compartments
Getting tighter than undergarments
I find this whole situation rather alarming
As I’m walking through the darkness
Facing up to the hardness
Holding me off the floor like a harness
In the worst kind of harshness
Watching these zombie-like idiots try their hardest
To pin their nastiness down to the ground like carpets
Behaving like they’re brainless and retarded
As well as black-hearted
And how this all started
Was due to the skyfall of darkness
The terror of these brutes has sharpened
Which now has me at times startled

Copyright © 2012 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “L.I.F.E. —Living In Faith Everyday”); written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)

Like A Bat Out Of Hell

Abbie Hawkins

I see a lot of stalking
From guys over Abbie Hawkins
Wherever she’s walking
There were loads of guys talking
About the big breasted lass
Who holds herself up with class
She’s known for having a bat in her bra
Her body is definitely on par
Miss Hawkins’s body is curvy and busty
Even myself was feeling a little lusty!
I bet that bat felt right at home
When it was just her tits and itself alone
Unsurprisingly– she was shocked
As it was the bat in her bra she clocked
She looks like a woman of passion
Who knows her style and fashion
I’m spinning like the wheels of a wagon
As my erection spirals into spasms

Copyright © 2012 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “G.E.M.I.N.I.”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


(Push Until She Screams YEAH!)

I’m not gonna go all stoosh
As my dick aims to push
Into your pussy and give it a whoosh
Go hard like the Mighty Boosh
I will go 140 miles per hour
With my dick full of power
Turning your face whiter than flour
As my juice turns you sweet and sour
I’ve got the X-Factor like Cowell
As opposed to being a pussy like a coward
I can make you blossom like a bunch of flowers
And make you hit the peak like towers
Unlike those cheap whores and skets
My aim is to make you sweat
As my dick gets you real wet
It’ll keep you lit up like a cigarette
When I get on top of you like a silhouette
I will surf your pussy like the internet
Babe there is no need to fret
As we get set
To take off like a private jet
As you’re all sprawled out on my bed
With these sexual thoughts in your head
My dick will continue to push
Until you feel the ooze in your bush
You’re gonna get it real good
As I’m tearing out your clitoral hood
With this big chunky piece of wood
I hope you’ve understood
That you will get it harder than a bigfoot
I’m gonna satisfy your every fetish
With every moment we cherish
The bed sheets would be heavily embellished
Your happiness is what I aim to replenish
We can both swim in this sexual relish
As your pussy’s going beyond reddish
It’s not an error or a blemish
Some prudes may say it’s garish
I want to make you gasp for air
As I’m sexing you here and there
Whether it’s on the bed or on a chair
It’s the clitoral hood that I’m aiming to tear
I swear this feels like having an affair
Nothing else can comapre
I will continue to go hard like a bear
And push until you scream YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAH!

Copyright © 2010 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “Artistry—The HeART of a Conscious Poet”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)

All The Guys Think She's an Empress!

Chloe White— The Girl Who Thinks She’s an Empress

She struts around in a mini black dress
Swanning around like an empress
Her body never fails to impress
As she works hard like a bench-press
The type of girl that’s on your head like a head-dress
She is the type to carry baggage like an excess
Trying to be an intellect like the Daily Express
All the boys think she’s a temptress
As she continues to carry on relentless
Trying to keep up with the Jetsons
Wastemen follow her exits
Trying to catch a glimpse of her best bits
This girl comes off as a bit of a tart
Oh my days where do I start?
Can I say on one part
That she might have a good heart
But in terms of promiscuity she tops the chart
Shooting to the bull’s-eye like a dart
Riding off on her own charms like a cart
Staying stacked-up like Wal-Mart
Going hard like a go-kart
When it comes to men she fails to depart
Using her charms to bombard
Horny men to go hard
Making most boys stand tall like a bodyguard
Swanning around like a whore from Sunset Boulevard
As she displays her legs like a piece of art
She uses men and leaves them like a spare part
Surprisingly— she is extremely smart
I suppose she serves up a dish like a Carte
She considers her breasts to be the epitome of beauty
Like Five Alive— she goes all fruity
As she shows off that booty
That is why REAL men appear snooty
Certain man dem look sooty
She believes that it’s a duty
For all tarts like her to act loopy
She is as white as Snoopy
She is incredibly loopy
I’d say she is entertaining like a movie
Her presence doesn’t move me
She’s probably into orgies and groupies
Bubbling away in a massive Jacuzzi
This girl’s not your average Lucy
As her drunken antics make her look loosely
And besides— she’s so hormonal and moody
Her face always appears red like a ruby
Which to me looks kind of spooky
On the whole— her figure looks juicy
But she’s looking for her Richard so that she could play Judy
Is it me or does her boobs look saggy and droopy?
All I know is that this girl is erratically kooky
Particularly on the dancefloor when she’s having a boogie
But on the other hand— well and truly
She reminds of this saucy tart named Trudy
The pair of them are sincerely unique

Not Your Typical Blonde

Chloe White

This young woman is seen as a temptress
By my friends going hard at it like a bench-press
Like any other woman she carries excess
She’s a commoner unlike the Daily Express
This girl’s a positive egress
Getting on the guy’s heads like an head-dress
Don’t let the black dress fool you
Her cleverness could easily school you
She has brains as well as beauty
Wastemen turn around to watch her booty
After they do that; they become loony
But on the whole she’s bubbly like a Jacuzzi
Her presence never fails to move me
She entertains me like a Hollywood movie
As we all know that she’s beyond
The typical, conventional blonde
She has got a clever head on her shoulders
Who works herself harder than boulders
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
She presents herself neatly like a folder

Copyright © 2012 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “G.E.M.I.N.I.”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)

Super-size Women are SIZE SEXY

My Super-Size Ladies– You Are Beautiful!

The one thing that I deeply hate
Is with these lovely ladies losing weight
Plus-size women are beautiful– I would definitely date
It’s their size that I would tolerate
We need more women like Macey Long
In a plus-size woman– where do you see the wrong?
I salute women like Jennifer Hudson
All the men are wanting her like a gun-slinging huntsman
These type of women are lustful and libidinous
Makes these skinny women appear with unevenness
They’re curvaceous, sexy and they’re also classy
Full of confidence as well as being sexy and sassy
These sexy ladies are also mighty-fine and stunning
Jealous bitches look on and they become nasty and cunning
I am absolutely in awe of their size
Nice teeth and eyes as well as their stunning pair of thighs
These women turn on ALL of the guys
But they love to act as if it was a damn surprise
I just want to jump on them and ravish
Because they’re so damn luxurious and lavish
Plus-size women are so damn perfect
These women are doing the word “sexy” some service

Copyright © 2012 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “G.E.M.I.N.I.”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)