I Can Stare At Your Body For Hours

Posted: April 17, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I Can Stare At Your Body For Hours

I Can Stare At Your Body For Hours

I can stare at your sexy body for hours
You always gets me randy like Austin Powers
Your hour-glass body has a lot of sex appeal
The beauty is amazing and these feelings are surreal
My heart is racing and panicking
As you stand so straight like a mannequin
With the sexiness of my ex-girlfriend Madeleine
I just want to play sweet music with you like a mandolin
You’ve got me feeling waxy like lanolin
You’d be the girl I’d wanna dabble in
As I spear into you like javelin
I’m lost for words and acronyms
This sexual arousal is beyond maddening
I Don’t know how I’m managing
My erection because it’s baffling
It’s managed to learn basic balancing
Everytime you walk my dick is travelling!
I can’t believe that this is happening
You are the exemplar of sexy fashioning
The way your body looks is dazzling
The guys are fighting and strangling
Each other for you to give them a straddling
All the other guys have resorted to babbling
I’m catching bittersweet symphonies like the verve
I feel like a million different people when watching your curves
Staring at you really tickles my nerves
You got me feeling kind of goofy like a bunch of nerds
You look finer than diamonds and pearls
A rare combination like a lion with pearls
I can stare at your body for days, months and years
You’ve got a body that could move a guy to tears
You’ve got the sexiness to convert all queers
And to keep us clean-cut like garden shears
You know that you’re the envy of all your peers
All my lads are screaming out nothing but cheers
Perverted pricks are giving you lecherous leers
Because you’ve got the rear of all rears
They think that your body is the pioneer
Of sexiness that’s matured over the years
Those leers want your body for souvenirs
Your sexy body has its own life story like Piers
Look at these horny bastards getting all fizzed up like beers
Even I’m stuck on you like Britney Spears
As my dick doesn’t seem to want to change gears
I can stare at your sexy body for hours
You always gets me randy like Austin Powers
My dick’s hitting the peak like towers
You always keep me sweet like a bed of flowers
My face has gone all white like self-raising flour
Sultriness is what you empower
Your body keeps me sweet as opposed to sour
It’s on another level like Dane Bowers
As ever— you’re keeping it fresh like a cauliflower

Copyright © 2012 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “The Great Olivierrean & Miss Frielichova: A Poetic Tale About Sex, Romance and Togetherness”); written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


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