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(Caring Loving Outrageous Witty Negro)

I am the witty negro
Who would shed blood for you like a bleed-nose
My heart holds the weight of a kilo
It’s hard when I’m trying to take off like a plane from Heathrow
I’m often seen as the man with a massive ego
Swanning around in the finest pair of chinos
Not many people know that I’m the lone amigo
But they assume that I suck like a mosquito
Before I was into fine African garments and tuxedos
As well as sipping fine wine and cappuccinos
I was the chav with the long chain listening to Oxide and Neutrino
Jamming with the girls hotter than peppers and jalapenos
Keeping me stuffed like a burrito
People think that I stay flashy like a casino
When really I’m just a humble, reticent negro
I’ve never considered myself sexy like a groomed Latino
But I am more caring than a Filipino
And I can be a bit flamboyant like a flamingo
When I’m sipping my Irish latte in Caffe Nero
People with bad-mind tendencies are wishing that I should hit zero
It makes me so sick like Ne-Yo
Trying to bring me into their matrix like Neo
I remember one fine woman from San Marino
She said that I tasted lovely like a packet of Dorito’s
She said that I’m outrageous unlike an incognito
And that my style’s explosive like a torpedo
She had this carnal urge and libido
I’m trying to drug her with my care like a placebo
From every town to every city
A lot of people know that I’m witty
People often mistaken my caring for pity
They believe that I’m ditzy and ditty
Like a cute kitty
I can be a little giddy
When I’m spreading peace and love like a hippie
No way am I bitchy
I love to entertain like Shane Richie
My conversations can be a bit gritty
And they could get messy and silly
Like those silly little kiddies
Whether it’s sunny or chilly
All the time I’m always busy
To the point that it’s making me dizzy
Regardless of the jewellery that I’m wearing
It’s my heart and soul that I’m always baring
I may be known for my swearing
And the outfits which can be quite daring
I am that man who is all about sharing
And my love and kindness is all I would be declaring
Please take this into account and keep baring
In mind that I’m a decent man who’s caring

Copyright © 2012 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “L.I.F.E.— Living In Faith Everyday”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


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