She Was A Bloody Nutter!

That Denise Was a Bloody Nutter!

She made me feel like an adolescent teen
My nerves were relaxed as my body was lean
She was on this idea about us being the perfect team
And to spend our lives together like the perfect dream
I succumbed to her charms like fools to gold
She came across as a nutter when her presence was bold
I wouldn’t say that this is the greatest love story ever told
But this IS the lamest affair that I’ve ever sold
At times this bitch-ass nutter was beyond cold
Maybe it’s because she knew that she was getting old
She loved to get nasty like a piece of mould
By taking my penis and giving it a good fold
I was set adrift on amorous bliss
As I closed my eyes and drifted away on her kiss
She was paler than a pint of Watson like Chris
As ever she would be the type to take the piss
We joined in unison like paper dolls
She was being a right tart like those Slater dolls
I ran my hand all over her smooth skin
She smiled at me in exchange for my big grin
I couldn’t tell if her jewellery was made out of tin
But this woman was going straight for the win
I was lost in her gaze like I was trapped in a maze
I was high on exuberance as if I was smoking on purple haze
She had me making beats like Just Blaze
The thought of juicing out something whiter than mayonnaise
A nutter like her had me amazed
As my dick raised
Going hard for days
Because she had me in a daze
She was like the modern-day Joni Mitchell
Putting other people ahead of her without the bitchin’
She always loved a cheeky fiddle
With my dick with the intention of juicing me a little
She got away things like an acquittal
Like when she nibbled on my nipple
This poor lass always looked brittle
I was just hoping that she didn’t cripple
She was as messy as a scribble
And she never did put-downs to make me feel belittled
She was a loving woman and a total committal
Stroking the hairs on my body like a fiddle
She was hard to suss out like a riddle
I love the way she whistles
When she polished me off like a nickel
As ever she kept it nice, blessed and civil
I was going all tarty like Eastenders Kat Slater
Because of this woman being a lover and not a hater
She made me want to grind on her like a cheese grater
She made me want to do it sooner than later
When it came to craziness– she was known as the sole creator
Always lifting my spirits up like an elevator
This woman was more than a smooth operator
But she loved to take charge like a dictator
Keeping me cool like a refrigerator
She was a great listener and a great communicator
And she goes all criminal on me like a perpetrator
She was hot like a hair straightener
And she was a very good mediator
She was all over my clothes like fleas
Leaving me with a cool and refreshing breeze
I’ve never ever felt so weak in the knees
Hoping that she’ll slow down like Alicia Keys
All the appointees, attendees and detainees
Were watching us like spectators and referees
This woman was full of sexual expertise
She was known to me as Dirty Denise!

Copyright © 2010 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “Artistry—The HeART of a Conscious Poet”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


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