R.E.N.E. (Real Enigmatic Negro with Effervescence)

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R.E.N.E. (Real Enigmatic Negro with Effervescence)

R.E.N.E. (Real Enigmatic Negro with Effervescence)

I am the renegade
Fizzing up with effervescence like lemonade
I’ve got more bling than an accolade
People try to drink me like I’m Alizé
It’ll be my name that you’ll serenade
As I will drive you crazy like an Escalade
My outfits look like clothes from the Escapade
Fine women keep me juicy like I’m marmalade
Keeping me peppered like it’s a marinade
I don’t wanna be underpaid
Worse than a ugly chambermaid
Adoration’s coming at me in a cannonade
It’s in my genetics
That I am a poetic
In everything that I do
Whether it’s for me or you
I am one of many Negroes
That will keep people running like a bleed-nose
Running over egos
I love to smile with my smooth cheekbones
As I take off with success like a steamboat
Spinning around like torpedoes
Trying to stay tasty like a burrito
As I am hot like a jalapeno
I am a smooth operator like a Filipino
With the hard-core passion of a Latino
I am the man who’s full of niceness
Who glows bright with whiteness
Sometimes I’m cold like a sinus
And I would take away the hate like a minus
My style is timeless
My personality is the epitome of “wildness”
I roam around with lightness
Minus the minute certain likeness
Of another man who’s full of shyness
Some people say that I’m too frank and guileless
I’m on top of the hills like Cypress
Feeling all Mediterranean like Cyprus
My love for God Almighty and success is priceless
I thank God for not making me sightless
And for making me erudite like Big Brother housemate Science
When I walk through the streets—there’s silence
Certain fools think that I’m mindless
Caught up in my own emotional detritus
I wanna take off like pilots
And sail away to the Caribbean like pirates
I want to wake up the lifeless
With a dose of poiliteness
Instead of a pool of dryness
I wanna spread myself around like a virus
As I work harder than an electrical appliance

Copyright © 2012 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “L.I.F.E. Living In Faith Everyday”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


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