Another Day, Another Dollar In The Life of a Prostitute…

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Another Day, Another Dollar In The Life of a Prostitute...


The raw pain
Of a whore paints
Herself like the fool with war paint
Trying to cover up more pain
Like a scene from a Broadway
This life is kind of hard to portray
It’s sad to see how these silly broads lay
Themselves down on a bored day
Like those slappers and tarts from Norway
Another prostitute’s crying at the doorway
Saying “This lifestyle isn’t my forte”
It’s the first time I watched a whore pray
For a life sweeter than sorbet
Instead of this life of sexual foreplay
Where clients and whores make out in the hallway
Doing more than just a bit of horseplay
She’s only asking for closure
As well as to regain composure
For this world to survive
This sadness and madness that could drive
Her into complete insanity
That sometimes questions humanity
Mental surgery is where we undergo
To get away from this emotional undertow
Another whore’s on her knees
Begging a gentleman please
Who happens to be her punter
Who looks like Andy Hunter
To go easy on her
Not to eat her out like a Doner
And not to go mad on her
As if she was Madonna

Copyright © 2011 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “H.A.N.D.”); written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)

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