Heavenly Bliss

The White House

Right now I’m on a white cloud
Exultance in my mind and I’m so proud
Happiness is the only thing allowed
God is standing by me like B.B. King and Girls Aloud
This place makes me want to roam about
Heaven is where I belong right now
I’m encircled by peaceful people and white clouds
This warm paradise-like place will disallow
Malevolence and maliciousness and it will disavow
Nasty, bad-minded people without a doubt
I’m strumming violins like Vanessa and playing pianos like Vanessa
God’s love and spiritual guidance keep me shielded like an umbrella
He is the God of Gods, King of kings and all successors
The perfect timing in Heaven couldn’t get better than this
As I’m sailing away on this ride of heavenly bliss
This is what you call the REAL White House
I’m still roaming and scuttling around like a white mouse
Floating away like a piece of silk from a girl’s blouse
The warm and bright sun does enough for me to rouse
And to continue to explore like the internet where I just browse
I’ve discovered that this is more than an eye-opener and a revelation
I just want to sit back and enjoy my meditation
And cure all of my stresses like medication
I’m committing to this new life like a delegation
As I’m basking in the area full of warmth and ventilation
This is what I call perfect living in the right derivation
I am no longer feeling the sense of deprivation
Everyone here is free from the rules and the legislation
Every day we have here is like a continuous celebration
The feeling’s finally soaking up like penetration
I’m glad that I’ve reached my final destination
The White House lifts me up like an elevation
I’m beyond fascinated by the beautiful waterfall
This White House constantly has me enthralled
Please don’t cry for me- right now I’m having a ball
Up in the White House where I hope to see you all

Copyright © 2010 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “Artistry- The HeART of a Conscious Poet”); written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


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