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Foxxy Cleopatra

My Strong Feelings For Foxxy Cleopatra

Instead of prancing and dancing
And the continuance of the gormless glancing
I’m gonna take my chance and
Just say how I really feel
As I’m going harder than steel
I’m all heated like a ready meal
Wanting to take off like an eagle— call me Seal
Here I am— smoking my Benson’s
Listening to Rhian Benson
I need to say how I feel
About her being the real deal
My feelings for her are getting harder to conceal
As she has natural sex appeal
I’m so glad that I’m bearing witness
To her neatly-toned frame as she’s the business
You can tell that she does a lot of fitness
Her presence has me in a sudden stiffness
With her smooth brown skin full of richness
She’s so surreal that it’s almost fictitious
This woman is so nutritious
That’s why I want to crunch into her like a pack of biscuits
There’s a reason as to why she’s so foxy
She effortlessly rocks me
With her flawless body
Making other women look shoddy
Looking at her makes me want to go back to the seventies
Where brothers were united when they were drinking Hennessy
This lady swans around with supremacy
Keeping things sweet like a melody
I’m all hard-headed like a helmet
As she wears dark blue denim and velvet
She’s spicier than rice and curried mutton
With her toned midriff and bellybutton
Can I tell her that she’s as tasty as a muffin?
These feelings are becoming hard to bludgeon
I don’t want to sound like I’m full of glutton
But this IS my moment thanks to Martine McCutcheon
I’m gonna tell her that she’s a dime in a dozen
And that she heats me up like an oven
She’s a cut above the typical blonde model-esque Russian
This Foxxy Cleopatra keeps my blood rushin’

Copyright © 2013 René Olivierre; all rights reserved


She's That Kinda Woman!

That Type Of Woman

I love a woman
That can think like a woman
With her thoughts in sync like a woman
As well as the cute blink of a woman
I want a woman that’s got the kink of a woman
That’s wearing pink like a woman
That can drink a drink like a woman
With the cheeky wink of a woman

I want a woman
That has the sweet smell of a woman
Keeping me under her spell like a woman
Looking rather well like a woman
Instead of giving me hell like a woman
I want a woman that rings my bell like a woman
Who swans like a belle of a woman
Who doesn’t kiss and tell like a woman
But wears the light colours and pastels like a woman

I need a woman
Who can soothe me like a woman
Who keeps me on the move like a woman
With her sexy little groove like a woman
I need a woman that tells the truth like a woman
That blows off the roof like a woman
Swanning herself with the inner youth of a woman
Keeping herself the 100% proof like a woman

I crave for a woman
Who looks nice as a woman
Who cooks my rice like a woman
With the added spice from a woman
Keeping it wise like a woman

I want a woman
Who keeps it real like a woman
Who wears heels like a woman
With a feel of a woman
I want a woman that cooks a meal like a woman
Who keeps things ideal like a woman
With her unique sex appeal of a woman
Keeping it surreal like a woman

I’ll lay down for a woman
Who can tongue-kiss like a woman
Who keeps me in bliss like a woman
But doesn’t take the piss like a woman

I like a woman
Who keeps it plain like a woman
Who takes off like a plane like a woman
As well as keeping me sane like a woman
She needs to be a Shania Twain of a woman
Dealing with her emotional pain like a woman
By playing vain like a woman
When she’s stroking my veins like a woman

I love a woman
Who’s packing some like a woman
In her bum like a woman
With a smooth tum like a woman
I want her to kiss my thumb like a woman
As well as her to be my chum like a woman
Not to play dumb like a woman

Copyright © 2013 René Olivierre; all rights reserved

Women With Their Handbags & Gladrags

Handbags & Gladrags

This woman looks so glamorous
And she always looks so lovingly and amorous
She’s different to the noisy and the clamorous
Haters want to diss her and become slanderous
Simply because they’re just moody and cantankerous
The other ladies and their greed has become first-class avarice
All the men are over-ecstatic and rapturous
The gay men are watching with a look that’s hazardous
Just because she’s flashy like the paparazzi and their cameras
The jealous women are behaving proper harmful and cancerous
Bragging about their pussy being all deep and cavernous
This glamorous woman’s spirit is the antithesis of languorous
That’s why those other women appear to be bitter and rancorous
This woman’s the real deal with her head screwed on like a graduate
Having to deal with idiots and their backwardness
She is a credit to most aspirants
When she catches every tear like handkerchiefs
She’s got that Dixon-style appeal—alluringly scandalous
The boys in the corner are looking at her with a look so ravenous
Getting a high off her presence and beauty like a bag of cannabis
This lady in the orange dress is too polite and magnanimous
Her sassiness will knock out any antagonist
And lay them out in the back of an ambulance
She speaks her mind like a bunch of level-headed activists
She is fearless— the antithesis of someone who’s pusillanimous
I love the way she struts around in designer gear and handbags
With a massive diamond ring carrying the weight of sandbags
Looking super-attractive in her tight-fitting gladrags
Looking down her nose to the jealous tarts and fat slags
As she’s looking to jet off like a black jag
The green-eyed bitches are giving her lip and backlash
Trying to itch on this woman’s beauty like a back rash
There’s always one damn jackass
Trying to chuck in their two cents of waste like badlands
A stunner like this woman makes the other women look slapdash
No wonder why they’re acting like they’ve got anthrax
With their skin all dry like a landmass
This woman is going places like a backpack
Looking at her has me in deep thoughts and flashbacks
Like I’m reminiscing on a coast in Scotland by the sandbanks
Her black skin in a red dress looking like a game of blackjack
Looking tastier than a slice of flapjack
Trying not to step out of line or backtrack
She is the classy saloon whereas the others are clapped-out hatchbacks
Most men are on the Rule tip—wanting to clap back
Her presence is beyond captivating
It has ALL the hot-blooded males activating
Their movements— watching their competition in aggravation
I would be one of many people to be backing and advocating
Whatever she does in life as opposed to sit back and keep annotating
I think we’re all in agreement here that she looks fascinating
Her voluptuous frame has all the envious girls all agitating
But to her— she just continues to keep on liberating and emancipating

Copyright © 2012 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “L.I.F.E.— Living In Faith Everyday”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)

She's Got That Sasha Fierce Fever

Sasha Fierce Fever

Little girls with their tears
Big women running with their self-conscious fears
This woman has the men all fizzed up like beers
She even had me sweating behind the ears!
The big jealousy bunch is coming from the queers
Just because her arse is spherical like spheres
Her body outdoes all of her peers
Keeping it real every guten morgen like Piers
She keeps things crystal clear
That’s why I’m here
On the hope that she keeps me near
And close to her like a modelling career
When fellas see her they change gears
She could run the world like Sasha Fierce
And she can break all dodgy atmospheres
I love the way she engineers
Her business-like mind like a bunch of financiers
All the wastemen want to steer
Her booty and go lose control like a reindeer
Her body screams out “I AM HERE”
Leila Love is a true pioneer
Looking foxy like Cleopatra from Goldmember
She’s the lady I’m gonna remember
From now til November
As ever
Her presence is a never-ender
From Doncaster to Denver
There are no other contenders
To her body all tender and shaped like a Fender
She is a credit to her gender
Calling out all big spenders
Recognizing that she’s real like legal tender
She is a sassy diva
With that Sasha Fierce fever
Leila’s middle finger to all the non-believers
As well as the under-achievers
The tosspots are eager
Going loud like speakers
Acting shady like drug dealers
Following this diva like tweeters
With sweat running from their Caesars
She winks at those sweaty-faced geezers
Her derriere has all the guys in seizures
I’ve never felt sweeter
Simply because she’s a healer
And a leader
As well as a teacher
Keeping men on their toes like a job seeker
I’m gonna need a breather
After the intoxication from this stick of reefer
Keeping me all puffed away like a shisha
Those boobs of hers are one of her sexiest features
The boys are jumping on her like mad creatures
Those jealous slags say she’s a stopout
Libidinous males say she’s a knockout
Tossing about with their cock out
Acting gormless like a college dropout
Her fierce fever keeps me heated like a hotpot
She’s high-end fashion like Topshop
Always on the go like a foxtrot
Popping here and there like a game of hopscotch

Copyright © 2012 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “L.I.F.E.— Living In Faith Everyday”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)