Foxxy Cleopatra

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Foxxy Cleopatra

My Strong Feelings For Foxxy Cleopatra

Instead of prancing and dancing
And the continuance of the gormless glancing
I’m gonna take my chance and
Just say how I really feel
As I’m going harder than steel
I’m all heated like a ready meal
Wanting to take off like an eagle— call me Seal
Here I am— smoking my Benson’s
Listening to Rhian Benson
I need to say how I feel
About her being the real deal
My feelings for her are getting harder to conceal
As she has natural sex appeal
I’m so glad that I’m bearing witness
To her neatly-toned frame as she’s the business
You can tell that she does a lot of fitness
Her presence has me in a sudden stiffness
With her smooth brown skin full of richness
She’s so surreal that it’s almost fictitious
This woman is so nutritious
That’s why I want to crunch into her like a pack of biscuits
There’s a reason as to why she’s so foxy
She effortlessly rocks me
With her flawless body
Making other women look shoddy
Looking at her makes me want to go back to the seventies
Where brothers were united when they were drinking Hennessy
This lady swans around with supremacy
Keeping things sweet like a melody
I’m all hard-headed like a helmet
As she wears dark blue denim and velvet
She’s spicier than rice and curried mutton
With her toned midriff and bellybutton
Can I tell her that she’s as tasty as a muffin?
These feelings are becoming hard to bludgeon
I don’t want to sound like I’m full of glutton
But this IS my moment thanks to Martine McCutcheon
I’m gonna tell her that she’s a dime in a dozen
And that she heats me up like an oven
She’s a cut above the typical blonde model-esque Russian
This Foxxy Cleopatra keeps my blood rushin’

Copyright © 2013 René Olivierre; all rights reserved


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