The Dream Couple

Renée Zellweger & René Olivierre— The Dream Couple

I am the young, black and restless
In love with this white chick from Texas
I’ve got the inner smile like Texas
With my emotions going back and forth like a game of tennis
She is so fine like Jessica Ennis
But she brings out the inner menace
In me— that’s why she’s precious
She’s the Hollywood starlet with the special essence
Her sexiness is endless
And I love her sense of independence
Her glamorous style is stupendous
As she walks about with glitter and resplendence
Her attractiveness enables me to not finish my sentence
She attracts all attendants
This blonde bombshell from Texas
Has me spinning around like a Lexus
Our relationship could be the battle of the sexes
Both of us wearing a matching necklace
I want her to loosen her buttons
To this dark-skinned brother from London
I wanna pop off like a gun-man
And keep things real unlike a dumdum
We could be the perfect couple
With all this fancy champagne we could guzzle
I dream of those hands all over my stubble
As we’re reaching for a cuddle
Keeping ourselves warm as we snuggle
Keeping ourselves dry from the puddles
As well as from the trouble
We could be living in our own bubble
Calling ourselves “The Untouchable Double”
Together we are gorgeous
As we relax like limp gorges
We can take our time like a tortoise
And kick back on porches
Getting our “vroom-vroom” on like Porsches
Let’s swim away on exuberance like a porpoise
Being in each other’s importance
Wearing expensive adornments
Talking with elegance not coarseness
As we’re eating seven courses
Looking like stuffed corpses
Entertaining each other like my paragraphs and clauses
You and I, me and you— René & Renée
Can hold hands as we’re walking to a nearby café
With the old school glamour of Faye Dunaway
Living it up like a cabaret
Watching a romantic matinee
Sipping Tanqueray
We could have a real romance
Staying close like a bro-mance
We could be the real deal unlike a show-mance
Think about it— don’t give it the “no chance”
We’re people from different nationalities
In this mad life as we’re big personalities
We could work on us like a marriage
Riding down our horse and carriage
Renée Zellweger— the woman of smoothness
René Olivierre— the man of many movements

Copyright © 2012, 2013 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “L.I.F.E.— Living In Faith Everyday”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


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