Ladies & Gentlemen… It’s LADY ROZALYNE!

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Ladies & Gentlemen... It's LADY ROZALYNE!

Oh WOW! It’s Rozalyne

This woman grooves my mind
With her skin as smooth as pine
Back in primary school when she was mine
When I thought to myself that she was damn fine
Even today she looks damn fine
Maturing like fine wine
Swanning around with elegance and sublime
Keeping me dead silent like a mime
With her black dress hugging her tight around her spine
This lady is beyond divine
The epitome of a fine African design
What man in this world would give her a decline?
Her attractiveness is hard to define
Loads of men worship her like a shrine
Getting all charged up like alkaline
Wanting to chew on her body like bacon rind
Fantasising about her behind
Horny boys getting spiked up like porcupines
Tossing away in their Calvin Kleins
Letting out a range of sighs
And loads of loud cries
Getting off on it like a high
This woman is sweeter than grapevines
She’d be the type of lady to wine and dine
Her elegance is beyond the perfect align
I would do anything that she assigned!
The girls are going red like a glass of wine
As they jealously continue to bitch and whine
Certain women want to overstep the line
By doing such opprobrious things such as malign
This woman looks more than magnificent
And no— it’s not coincident
She keeps men on their feet like a bunch of militants
Only an idiot would say something discriminant
Her presence keeps me up like a stimulant
Horny men and her feelings become legitimate
An edition of this kind of woman is limited
This lady is high-spirited
The way she speaks is articulate
She is the total opposite of disrespectful and insolent
A strong-minded woman who’s nowhere near dumb and ambivalent
Keeps her fine self documented like a certificate
Oh my damn days— SHE IS SO SIGNIFICANT
To modern black women like business entities and syndicates
This elegant black woman is mind-blowing
Our black men waste no time in throwing
Compliments at her as well as showing
Their gratification towards her to keep her glowing
Most of the cheers and wolf-whistles were becoming like overthrowing
The flattery that this lady was getting was truly overflowing
I’m surprised that this woman manages to keep herself easy-going!
Perverted pricks want to interweave into her like sewing
She dusts them off to one side and tells them to keep on going
As she keeps on going
Like a Russian’s winter when it’s snowing
She looks at John, Peter and Steve all roaming
With their gormless faces still foaming
Her body looks so good in fine garments and tight clothing
It’s no wonder the lads are gazing away as well as floating
Getting tangled up like goatskin
Arse-clown men are running around and boasting
When they should be gone and ghosting
Talking about how they would give her a good roasting
Every man feels blessed to be in her inhabitance
The total antithesis of tragic and calamitous
You could never call this women ravenous
Look at her now— she is FABULOUS!
She is sweet like a bottle of Sanatogen
And she is full of thankfulness
She keeps things real like a hundred
She will be a good wife to the lucky husband
She goes by the name Rozalyne
With the blackness of Little Miss Jocelyn
This woman is so sweet and pure
The type that decent men would go for

Copyright © 2012, 2013 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “L.I.F.E.— Living In Faith Everyday”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


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