A Letter To My SEVEN Loving Daughters…

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A Letter To My SEVEN Loving Daughters...

Daddy’s Letter To His Seven Beautiful Daughters

My little girls— remember that Daddy loves you
And that your dad will put nothing above you
I want to give you lots of cuddles and kisses as well as to hug you
All the love I have for you girls— it makes me want to blush too!
Seven times I was at the maternal ward
And seven times I’ve cut the umbilical cord
I will go back and forth and across the board
To make sure that you girls are always content and never bored
My beautiful daughters always strike an emotional chord
They’re alive and more than well— I’ve got to praise the Lord
I feel luckier than a football player who has just scored
The love for you girls is something that I can’t keep stored
My little girls make me feel more than adored
They make me work my arse off for the Daddy of The Year Award
Your love never goes ignored
You lovely girls always make me feel restored
As I’m staying sober on this glass of water
I’m going to introduce ALL seven of my daughters
I won’t announce you lot in any particular order
Simply because I can’t deal with the torture!
First up is my first-born called Coralie
Who always stands up and shouts with authority
I love that girl because she is the epitome of ‘Non-conformity’
And she’s always hugging me and kissing me so cordially
Daddy loves you too Valerie
Your smile is picture perfect like an art gallery
Your energy has my old bones charged up like a battery
I’m a tad bit scared about adding another calorie
My little belle— oh wow! It’s Raphaelle
I remember when I caught you at the time you almost fell
The day I had to deliver you at our stay in the Savoy Hotel
For a little girl you’ve got the sweet smell of Chanel
As you get older you’re gonna become a fine mademoiselle
You’re gonna have all the boys under your spell
Here’s a shout-out to my dear Isabelle
All the boys tell me that she is a belle
My darling Isabelle is a proper over-achiever
Not only do I believe in her— but I do believe her
She’ll cut down her haters like a machete or a cleaver
And I believe that this girl will become a teacher
She’s got the dominion to become a strong leader
Baby girl— I love ya and Daddy needs ya
Yvonne is so vain yet she is so damn beautiful
For a little girl she keeps it real and is not the type to be delusional
She does talk a lot to the point that she’s immutable
And she caters to my aid like a pharmaceutical
I will make sure that she will never go through any anguishes or crucibles
She is my little girl with lots of love that’s inbred and constitutional
Daddy has lots of love for you too Madeleine
I would spear anyone for you like a javelin
A girl like you could start your own radical movement with the Jacobins
You are the epitome of good fashioning
Your mother finds it really cute when you’re randomly babbling
Your style of running reminds me of a horse’s galloping
It makes me laugh that you can’t keep still like a mannequin
I even struggle to stay focused on you and what’s happening
You remind me so much of your little sister Jacqueline
Little Jacqueline is always looking so gorgeous
Like the grand canyons and gorges
She’s always posing for photographs whilst resting on the porches
She told me that she wants to own her own fleet of Porsches
My seven lovely daughters— remember that Daddy loves and adores you
With my hand on heart I will put nothing above any of you
You are the seven loves of my life
That came from me and your lovely mother who is also my wife
What happens to us— remember the best is yet to come
Lots of love from your loving dad and your lovely loving mum

Copyright © 2012, 2013 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “L.I.F.E.— Living In Faith Everyday”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)

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