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My Conception of The Perfect Woman With The Perfect Woman's Response To My Conception

My Conception of The Perfect Woman

She’s a beauty made from God’s perfect vision
Her skin’s so smooth and nails are done to precision
The inner beauty’s warm– I would never had envisioned
A soldier and a fighter– accomplishing her mission
This woman’s so vibrant– you don’t know what you’re missing
She’s in a league of her own and has them other cats hissing
Her walk’s so sexy– she has the jealous women dissing
The type of jealousy that can cause a serious division
Her flexibility can put her in all sorts of positions
She plays tricks with guys like mad magicians
The men are harping away like jazz musicians
Still drawn to her body like fashion issues!
All eyes on her like lips and tongues kissing
Turning their heads round like a contortionist twisting
The presence of her are like diamonds when she glistens
Her vocal tone’s so seductive– all the guys can’t help but listen
She’ll have your attention like a teacher in a lesson
She’s got me thinking about her like revision
Watching her every move like See-See TeleVision
The genie in the lamp every time you start wishing
Hooked on her presence like a n old man’s fishing
Little boys in the corner with their dicks twitching
The sweat from his brow makes him want to start switching
Myself plus this beauty plus another addition
I get a high from her like an addiction
As she cuts haters off like an excision
She’s always on my mind like a decision
Her voluptuousness eradicates away the competition
Because her sexiness and her aura’s the perfect composition
That’s why guys are giving her these mad propositions
Which to me raises some odd suspicions

The Perfect Woman’s Response To My Conception

Your honeyed words have put you on a path of collision
With me and my indecision
Should I make a guy like you my mission
Or is the prospect of such things a delusion
Should I ask for such provision
Would my prayer be an intrusion
Would my needs be a perversion
Of the intended creation
It’s time for the cessation
Of my folly and frustration
Send my body for cremation
Since I died without sensation
Died without your validation.

Copyright © 2013 René Olivierre and Nairobi Thompson all rights reserved.



I’m Feeling Like Prince Akeem

With all these adoring women
All over me like silk and linen
I’m thankful for the blessing that are given
To me by Lord Almighty– He has risen
I’m fly like a pigeon
With a taste like a chicken!
I’m the only edition
That’s why certain haters are still bitching
I feel like a rich man
Not snaky like a snitch man
This may sound barmy
But I do have my own army
You will get peppered like salami
And make a serious mess of you like a Tsunami
My house is like a regal safari
It makes normal spectators look all starry
I usually stay cool
When bathing with naked women in a swimming pool
My mind works like it’s got business acumen
I’m walking with a swagger of a rich regal African
Past these rats who look irritating like an antigen
I’m not trying to come across as arrogant
But you can’t print this prince like an albumen
Like Prince Akeem
I stay extreme with supreme!

Copyright © 2012 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “G.E.M.I.N.I.”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)

I Feel Used And Abused...

I Feel Like every Woman’s Shagging Doll

Why can’t a woman love me for my mind?
Instead of them thinking that I want to tap their behind
These women must think I’m only intertwined
With the thoughts of sex instead of a relationship that’s so sublime
Ladies— I am a gentleman who is really jovial and kind
But it’s not every woman that I would love to have a bump and grind
I am more interested in the women that are spiritually inclined
As well as telling me the art of womankind
Every woman that I’ve been involved with recently
Has given me some weird proposals indecently
One woman tried to sweet me up with a bottle of Beck’s
In exchange for some fast love and slow-and-deep sex
She said that she was into me for my sexual prowess
This woman was all upon my sexual tools and endowments
The way she tears off her blouse it’s
Amazing on how she does this on a countless
That woman was trying to mess me up like public houses
And then has the nerve to act all upper class like a countess
A Russian blonde supermodel
Who spoke a lot of bullshit and twaddle
Wanted a bit more from me than just a doddle
And a kiss and a cuddle
Trying to splash my jeans like a puddle
As she’s stroking my stubble
Which leaves my mind in a muddle
And in her case it leaves me in a total fuddle
Especially as she’s trying to muster me and huddle
She keeps telling me that we could be the perfect couple
Living in our own perfect bubble
Which could mean a little bit of trouble
This woman wanted my soldier to work in her tunnel
She kept begging to use my dick like a shovel
And to keep digging her until I sprain a muscle
She couldn’t care less about being subtle
As she’s making more noise than a hyena in the jungle
Getting on top of me like a clothes bundle
Telling me that I’m tastier than a chocolate truffle
Wanting me to put the cream on her like an Espresso double
Doing more than just the cute fumble
My experience with a Jamaican woman
Was as horny as the Russian woman
She kept calling me Mr. British
And kept telling me that she’s better than my previous bitches
Which had me in stitches
As she demanded that I mess with her fringes
She wanted me as a shagging buddy
That way— this experience to her would be lovely
Right now I feel used and abused
As well as emotionally bruised and misused
I feel famished like a boy who’s been starved of food
I am more than just a shagging partner!
One day I would love to be a great father
I want to settle down with a woman for a long-term commitment
I need this woman’s love to be consistent
To bless us both like an enrichment
She needs to have the right emotional equipment
And not just woman who wants to be my sexual assistant
I want the kind of love that is more than sufficient

Copyright © 2012, 2013 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “L.I.F.E.— Living In Faith Everyday”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


What Do You Want From Me?

Fucking hell woman! How can I be of service?
I can’t even begin to scratch the surface
Your presence is make me feel nervous
As my nerve hits
Me all the time— running around my aura like circuits
Acting like a fucking clown in a circus
When you’re constantly singing Pixie Lott song verses
Keeping me heated around you like a Thermos
Relax— stop trying to perm us
As if you’re setting the atmosphere on fire like a furnace
As you’re walking around looking sexy yet looking moody and mirthless
I’m not sure if you’re trying to make me feel wordless
By using mind games to make me feel worthless
As you’re watching me with observance
Glaring at me with those eyes of sternness
Trying to get into my skin like epidermis
You’re pissing me off here— slithering around like serpents
Trying to wrap yourself around me like a surplice
Acting in a manner that would have any man feeling extreme and surplus
Wanting me and begging me for a meeting like a sexual convergence
Asking me in a needy manner to engage in a carnal and an intimate concurrence
Do you want me to serve you sexual favours like servants?
Are you asking me to piss you off like a bunch of wind-up merchants?
Look at us two— we’re both lost like a couple of nerdy virgins
Running around in circles
With our faces turning a different shade of purple
Being around you is kind of pricking up my alertness
Bringing up clear notes like an advertence
I do try to prevent myself from seeing you like a deterrence
Because in some cases me and you are different like a divergence
I need to steer clear and stay clean like detergents
Because you’re mentally cutting me up here like surgeons
You’re not acting like a normal citizen or a burgess
You’re acting like a right turnip
I’m here like I’ve got time to purchase
As I’m sitting here watching you move around with no aim or a purpose
Just so that you know— this is just a clear observance
That you used to live as a recluse like hermits
With a face that looks unemotional and aversive
I shouldn’t really attach a stigma
But you are something of an enigma
A white woman with the smoothness of vanilla
And at times you’re full of charisma
I’m a little nervous when you’re coming at me like a gorilla
Breaking certain laws like a maverick and a guerrilla
Swanning around in extensive clothes and expensive chinchilla
Trying to get into my mind like the Hare Krishna
I’ve tried to be your confidant and your emotional assistance
When you’ve treated other people like your personal assistants
I’ve tried to be your emotional backbone as well as your persistence
Keeping things real with you on the base of my consistence
I’ve given you my time, patience and existence
You’ve had my total compliance unlike a resistance
I have been your lover and sex slave connected to you like commitments
We’ve held each other’s hands during times of good health and sickness
I don’t think I could help you any more
It’s for the best if I just go out the door
You’ve got to get your groove on
Because I’ve already moved on
Goodbye. God Bless. So long

Copyright © 2012, 2013 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “L.I.F.E.— Living In Faith Everyday”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)