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You're ALL That I'm Craving

You Are ALL That I’m Craving

There’s a reason why I’m misbehaving
Due to my manners seem to be misplacing
With my apology always sounding like I’m paraphrasing
But it’s your huge buttocks I want to be embracing
That huge piece of sexiness which looks stunning and amazing
I just want to put my hands on it and give it some engraving
An arse like yours has all the brothers out here chanting and praising
Looking at your backside like a pillow or a plaything
With the juiciness of a blackcurrant or a raisin
Your arse has its own squad as if it was blazing
When your butt switches— my heart starts racing
It’s got me panting and out of breath as if I was car chasing
When it comes to sheer sexiness— you’re doing a lot of the paving
You’ve got a lot of men wanting to go deep into you like a basement
Your body is alluring and it’s captivating
A high grade backside is where these women aim to be graduating
Your presence is where I want to be gravitating
I’m telling you that you need no reassuring
About your voluptuous body being alluring
Which keeps all the brothers out here luring
Towards your backside which leaves women all confused and obscuring
But for now it’s all about me
And the way that your presence satisfies me
Buzzing around my aura like a bee
Looking like a queen bee
Me and you could make a dream team
The way you put your butt out is maximum satisfaction
You are a fatal attraction
As well as a blatant distraction
Which always puts that horny mind of mine into action
Thinking about you and me in a spot of physical interaction
Whenever I see your behind jiggle to bashment
I know that you have a passion for fashion
With that killer booty like an assassin
When it comes to a victory— you’ve won by a landslide
Especially with your humongous backside
It’s got me lit up like a flashlight
My guys are failing just to act right
Your arse in those jeans look seductive
You and I could get productive
We could even do something constructive
To the point of getting destructive
Your behind is making men become sexually eruptive
Causing them to become disruptive
Your bum does those leggings justice
I love the way you swan that arse around in public
Which causes the other women to have personal grudges
I’m craving for you like a bloody huntress
As I’m banging away with my thoughts like drumsticks
Your backside is full of sexiness within that plumpness
Driving me around in circles like minibuses
Hearing those bitchy women sound off with their cusses
You are definitely the one like Shania Twain
Although you are most definitely vain!
Your sexiness really does drive me insane
And your backoff is the one to blame

Copyright © 2013 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “The Olivierrean Experience”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


I Have Power Over You René

I Have Power Over You René

After I’ve draped you
I just want you to sit back and let me rape you
Let me just fuck you and videotape you
As well as clear your mind when I reshape you
I’m gonna kiss you as well as spray you
As well as to get on top of you to saturate you
I have the power to motivate you
As well as to torture you and possibly terminate you
I could accommodate you
As you’re here with me whenever I penetrate you
René I’m going to scrape you
I just want you to lie back and let me take you
I want to eradicate all your thoughts and jade you
As well as to annihilate and deracinate you
I’m gonna rip your shirt off and eliminate you
Liquidate you and abrogate you
I will also repeal and repudiate you
Even your own dick will extirpate and exterminate you
As well as eliminate you
This woman right here is the exemplar of HOT
A woman like me would always call the shots
Running my hands all over your body like spots
Giving you clashing sounds like kitchen utensils and cooking pots
As I’m sailing away with control over you like a yacht
Leaving you to wonder whether I’m really losing the plot
As I leave on your body lots of marks and blots
Getting tight on your chest like a rope with lots of knots
I am a powerful woman with the added elegance of Sharon Watts
Other women call me a sexual fox
As I have a reputation for destroying cocks
Forget Lorena Bobbitt and Tulisa— I’m the original Female Boss
My attractiveness comes in stocks
With you I’ve got all my needs and wants
I rock the tightest of all frocks
Keeping things fantastic like Mr. Fox
Tick-tocking away like clocks
René— I am dominant, authoritative and unorthodox
And I’m gonna be full of ambiguity like a paradox
As I’m putting weight on your head like dreadlocks
Stuffing you up like a pair of socks
Keeping you contained like a storage box
As well as entertained like the TV channel THE BOX
I’ve got more than enough power to give you a few electric shocks
Keeping your dick harder than building blocks
I am that woman that’s usually pollinating
With my sexiness as well as dominating
Situations without the need for nominating
Again— I’m also accommodating
And I can be unsteady as if I was oscillating
I used to be the one that’s usually speculating and postulating
I am the pioneer
Of the controlling woman who loves to domineer
It’s your sexual thoughts that I want to engineer
Especially in this room which has a dramatic atmosphere
I’m gonna take charge of you— there’s no need for a volunteer
As I’m driving you like a 1990 Vauxhall Cavalier
Going into your malnourished chest like a spear
I’ll raise my arms up in sexual full swing and cheer
And get up all in your face with a sneer
I will also laugh and jeer
I love being a one-woman government
Which leaves men like you René in wonderment
I believe we’re the perfect twosome so fuck the idea of being a triumvirate
I’ve got you so there’s no need for me to socialize and acculturate
I love to hold the reins
As I’m taking charge whilst I’m have a hold on your veins
But when I’m loosening your buttons
I want you to PUSH MY BUTTONS
I’m going to feast upon you like rice, peas and mutton
With a face filled with glutton

Copyright © 2013 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “A Beautiful Intoxication: Poetic Accounts of Seduction, Power, Sexual Desires & Craves As Well As Deep Addictive Attraction To One Another”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


Oh René René… Wherefore Art Thou René?

Here I am your Royal Highness
Bringing out my oiled thigh-ness
There’s no need for the shyness
As we share the same sexual likeness
Your facial features are full of niceness
With your teeth pristine clean with whiteness
Your aura’s full of brightness
With me— you’ll no longer need to be wifeless
I want and need you as you’re full of reliance
My love and obsession for you is priceless
This feeling and urge for you will last forever— it’s timeless!
I will keep you sexually alert like an electric appliance
My aim is to fill you up with sexual bliss and excitement
As you’re a man that’s the complete antithesis of lifeless
With this pussy of mine— I’m giving you the keys so fuck the rider’s licence
To drive me up the hills like my name is Cypress
Drenching out my exoticness like Cyprus
I want to creep up on you with some sexual slyness
As I am a woman with the cleanest of vaginas
A vagina like mine with the most firmness and tightness
I wanna fuck you until you’re fucking spineless
And spread myself all over you like a virus
With my alluring nature turning you blind and sightless
My obsession with you is turning me mindless
I will keep your dick nice and warm through every climate
And when I’m fucking you— I will make a real mess like a rat’s detritus
For you— I will be the woman of compliance
Working real hard to be your wife like a task or an assignment
Working my hardest to massage your privates
In the bedroom is where I’ll always be the tyrant
Where every second with you becomes timeless
I love every inch of your mildness
Myself and yourself are making something greater than science
As my hand goes over your mouth for silence
Instead of making noise like police sirens
I’m taking flight on your dick like a crew of pilots
And I will be the one making noise like those pointless riots
Every bone will be clicking away as if I have got arthritis
I’m aiming to get under your skin like hepatitis
Only you would be my sexual suppliant
I will make you lose your voice as if you’ve got laryngitis
As I’m working hard on you like a proprietress
We’re gonna stay pretty like a chrysalis
As we’re getting down and dirty like the infamous syphilis
Trying to add the health value like a nutritionist
You can have your hand up my arse like a ventriloquist
A body like mine is full of deliciousness
As we’re living it up with the experiences of empiricists
René— you always fill me up with desire and officiousness
Whenever we’re sexing for pleasure without the viciousness
Babe I would never treat you with evil or perniciousness
But my desire is to play mind control like a hypnotist
Just joking! I’m only taking the piss!
I just want you for myself with this euphoric bliss
Monsieur René why are you full of sexiness?
I’m in love with you, your swagger and your edginess
You make all the other men look rank and carious
As those losers swan about with their look of ordinariness
I am a big fan of slyness and stealthiness
As well as your sexy body full of healthiness
All the other women are envious
Because of what we’re having is full of airiness

Copyright © 2013 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “A Beautiful Intoxication: Poetic Accounts of Seduction, Power, Sexual Desires & Craves As Well As Deep Addictive Attraction To One Another”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)