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Fuck Me Senseless

Let’s just fuck until we can’t fuck no more
I want to be the Michael Douglas to your Demi Moore
As well as the James Bond to your Pussy Galore
Fuck me senseless until my dick gets sore
I want you to fuck me all over the living room floor
With my dick harder than the living room door
Continue to go hard and dirty like a filthy whore
Going super wild like a bloody boar
We’re being the antithesis of a total bore
Bounce me hard like an exercise ball
Splash my dick hard like a waterfall
Until you break your vaginal wonderwall
Let’s go mad as if we’re having a brawl
I’m loving the way your legs are wrapped around me like a shawl
Staggering like we’ve been on the pub crawl
As you already know that I’m enthralled
With the hypersexual energy you’ve installed
Enjoy yourself as if it’s a fairground ride
As my spunk shoots up like a Tsunami tide
Continue to let loose like a horny schoolteacher
But still R.E.S.P.E.C.T. me like my name’s Miss Aretha
Keep going keep going— don’t stop for breathers
I like it nice and hot like a row of halogen heaters
Fuck me senseless and fuck me stupid
Put a spring in my step like a fucking cupid
Work the punani girl, WORK THE PUNANI
Keep me entertained like the channel Toonami
Keeping with the theme of being sexually unreasonable
With your pussy smelling like the reason of it all
Anything between us is more than achievable
Fucking me senseless is more than conceivable
I gotta tell you that what we have tonight is unbeatable
No one else can imitate it— it’s unrepeatable
Baby you’re making me feel breathless
We’ve got each other so I don’t care about being friendless
I’m more interested in your vaginal entrance
In terms of its acuteness and wetness
Let’s go on and on— I just want to feel restless
I want tonight to be endless
It’s already oversexual and stupendous
I feel blumming headless
As I’m losing all sense of my senses
So just do what you do best and fuck me senseless

Copyright © 2011 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “SEX— My Sexual Fantasies: My Gross Take on Sexual Activity and The Beauty of Intertwining The Flesh”); written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)
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Too Much Attitude & A Lack Of Gratitude

Too Much Attitude & A Lack Of Gratitude

People nowadays have got too much attitude
Too much BAD attitude
Showing a lack of gratitude
As they roam around with their latitude
Swanning around in their self-absorbed magnitude
Elevating themselves higher than an altitude
Without the generosity of giving freely like an amplitude
Thinking that they’ve got all the power and the aptitude
To cuss down other people’s idiosyncrasies and attributes
Acting as common as the clichés and the platitudes
Trying to be as precise as an exactitude
When in truth they’re displaying their belligerence
Walking around with the chill of refrigerants
Dealing with people in a manner that’s rigorous
As if they’ve been drugged up on barbiturates
Roaming around like flesh-eating carnivorous
Pricks who don’t give a monkeys about being less meticulous
To other people— This behaviour is beyond ridiculous
Loads of people with bad attitude are energetic and vigorous
Looking at the do-gooders with their sheer ignorance
What I find really mysterious
Is that bad-mind people act like they’re on their periods
This kind of behaviour is somewhat kind of hideous
That amongst this madness is an illness called ‘Bitchiness’
Which in most cases can be hurtful and deletrious
It’s mostly bad-minded women who show signs of being imperious
Some people’s bad attitude causes them to appear mad and delirious
Looking like a mad bunch of idiots
A lack of gratitude unearths a sense of being harmful and insidious
A sheer lack of latitude combined with a bad attitude
Can lead them to a rather dark and lonely avenue
Some jackass people roam around like laid-back geezers
Others have the icy charisma of a Bosch freezer
With envious faces getting greener and greener
Which changes their whole demeanour
Part of me is embarrassed to the bloody face
That young people mill around with no grace
To Our Father— no-one shows Him any praise
It’s sickening that our youngsters don’t pray
Nowadays our minds are thinking about our next bit of prey
We need to pick up our arms and raise
And show praise
To Our Father who heals our emotional graze

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “The Olivierrean Experience”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)