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Love Has No Colour

Inter-Racial Relationships

Different backgrounds and different races
There’s seriously no need for clown-arse racists
Whether you’re black, white, Chinese or Indonesian
Interracial relationships are as beautiful as the patterns from Polynesia
It can be blacks and whites as well as Chinese and Japanese
The love should remain sweet like the language of the Javanese
Some people say “Don’t knock it until you try it”
Everybody has the urge to have one but they try to fight it
Race, religion and spiritual ideologies shouldn’t matter
It’s all about the making a connection before your views scatter
I’ve had relationships with blacks, whites and Indians
As well as Mexicans, Spanish, Italians and Chileans
I’ve had a few romances with a few Turkish Cypriots
If you don’t try interracial- you’ll be just a bunch of flailing idiots
Fuck the whole “Stick to your own race” malarkey
I’ve had a sexual relationship with a beautiful Somali
It was a jungle adventure- you could call it a safari
But that relationship was highly seasoned like pastrami
The point that I’m making is that we’re no different from each other
I can honestly say that blacks and whites CAN become lovers
It doesn’t matter what those clown-arse racists think
Just make sure that your feelings are together in sync

Copyright © 2010, 2011 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the books “Artistry- The HeART of a Conscious Poet” and “From Me To You”); written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


2Pac Shakur

Tupac Shakur

Ladies and gentlemen— boys and girls
Everybody get your bling, your diamonds and pearls
All the bitches— the richest and also the poor
Put your hands together for Mr. Tupac Shakur
God bless the dead to the greatest rapper
Who puts these other rappers far away in the crapper
2pac was as dapper as a snapper
He keeps chicks like sweets in a wrapper
How long will they mourn me? 2pac asks us
Until the end of time said my friend Damascus
His middle finger told the whole world to fuck it
This is the man that brought you Poetic Justice
He was equally loved… and equally hated
Can’t hate on this nigga because this nigga made it
None of today’s rappers have got shit on him
Especially on his Hollywood success on Above The Rim
Bruce Hornsby applauded him for making “Changes”
The song touched the minds of adolescent strangers
All of his songs playing see a lot of smile exchanges
A lot of people sing his songs in different tones and ranges
’96 was the year that 2pac was troublesome
Since his death; all the kids are no longer cumbersome
Fans from L.A. to Italy and also to Lewisham
No-one loves 2pac more than my boy Lucian
2pac to this day makes the today’s rappers look like clowns
Like how he was back in Digital Underground
As I’m writing this poem— I still picture him rollin’
With a blunt and some Henny still chilling with his homies
Tupac Shakur was the Ghetto Samaritan
He’s still untouchable because there’s no-one in comparison
May no man disrespect his glorious legacy
Because his style was unique like a recipe

Copyright © 2010 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “Artistry—The HeART of a Conscious Poet”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)

My Fine Bad-Ass Black Woman

I Need A Bad-Ass Black Woman

I need a black woman who is more than able
To keep me grounded and stable
As well as to make me harder than a table
She has to be a sporting diva like Sable
I want this woman to have the “bad-ass chick” label
Looking tastier than a bagel
Leaving my face redder than a maple
As her strength holds me together like a staple
She’s got to keep it real— I don’t need anymore fables
Keeping me all funkydory like Rachel
This black woman needs to be forcible
But not to the point of being horrible
I’m all up for being enforceable
With a woman who’s got the exoticism of Portugal
A sista like Foxy Brown can carry me out like a portable
Bruv— I’m in need of a strong black woman
The kind of woman that makes me work harder than a woodman
She needs to be lively and not boring and wooden
And she has to keep me close-knit like a jumper that’s woollen
I love my black woman to be appealing and tasty
As well as to be randomly hormonal and feisty
Like Foxy Brown she has to look racy
Like a proper black bad-ass chick who’s crazy
I wanna be sure that I have her safety
Even get mad at me for being lazy
Well… Just a tad bit hasty
This black woman has to make me feel good like gravy
Keeping up with Grace Jones without going grey like Macy
She has to know how to cook up a beef patty or a pastry
I want this bad-ass woman to have my baby
And to keep her street sexiness of a lady
Dancing to “What Have You Done For Me Lately”
This woman should have the general aesthetics
To soothe me away and sedate me like an anaesthetic
I’d love this woman to be emotional and sympathetic
As opposed to being careless and apathetic
This woman and I need to move in unison and synergetic
And on top of that her body has to be athletic
This bad-ass woman has to tickle my fancy
To have the raw edge like the UK rapper/model Nancy
Keeping me all fine and dandy
Like a glass of brandy
Making me feel on top of the world like Brandy
Looking all sweet like a bag of candy
This bad-ass woman has to have the attitude of Atlanta’s Kandi
To go hard like the big-breasted Mandy
Or to go even harder than a Kung-Fu kick
My black woman has to be the ultimate bad-ass chick

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “The Olivierrean Experience”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)

Good Girl Gone Bad

Rihanna— Good Girl Definitely Gone Bad

It makes me sad
That a good girl has gone bad
This woman has become the total badass
With her sexy black ass
And her fierce model features
Making her look like all fierce creatures
All the guys are praising her like bishops and preachers
She’s giving lessons on new age sexiness like bitches and teachers
Hot-stepping to the stage like a pair of sneakers
With her voice blaring through bass-sounding speakers
Watching her sexy body giving me chills like a freezer
Constantly begging for a breather
As her arse gets men on a high like a stick of reefer
Going all black and yellow like Wiz Khalifa
Women are screaming out “Baby ooooooh” like Justin Bieber
Haters are chipping away at her like a damn beaver
But she’s chopping at them bitches like a cleaver
Like pieces of meat on the hope that they’d moved off and leave her
Everybody knows that this singer is a teaser
With her smooth brown skin with a crunch like Maltesers
She brings lots of heat to the media like central heaters
To the point that young ones are making noise like drug dealers
Young boys are blowing their loads in gallons and litres
As she swans with the WWE Diva appeal like Trish Stratus and Lita
At first she was a natural woman like Anita
Homosexual fans say that she’s simply the best thing since Tina
They never want to let her go as if her name was Tina
Her presence melts out all the people at any arena
Wearing next to nothing like a stripper or a streaker
Acting extra loyal towards her like a golden retriever
To the point that they’re having a good old seizure
Struggling for a bloody breather
There’s a lot of haters, non-believers and under-achievers
They see Rihanna as a fiery cannonball like The Breeders
Anti-Rihanna people were begging her fans to stop her music
As they find her music rather tacky and abusive
To their ears and they see her as odd and confusing
Me personally— I find this woman rather amusing
Rihanna’s the type of woman to start her own movement
Using her sexuality as an incentive and her inducement
Her body keeps all the guys alert and illumined
Jealous women are gassing on her— trying to get her polluted
Just because her long legs are seen to be the smoothest
She does however behave like she’s the loosest
Woman around with no bloody scruples
Looking like a tart who’s careless and imprudent
She’s swanning around like the only girl in the world
With sexually suggestive dance moves every time that she whirled
In her own sense of disturbia better known as her little underworld
This woman is like an open book whenever she unfolded and unfurled
Madame Fenty is what you call a woman who’s symbolic and emblematic
The kind of woman others would call problematic
Take a bow Rihanna— you’ve done the world of pop music a great service
I see how you’ve got your competition shitting themselves all nervous
Worldwide fans of hers are hanging on to all her verses
She’s causing an uproar in the fashion world like a circus
Her raunchiness keeps men heated up like a furnace
That’s why everybody feels more than good at her emergence
Oh my days at this woman because she’s kinky
This good girl has gone bad for sure— with a body that’s so graceful and slinky

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “JUICED”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)