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My Diva Roxy Foxy Brown…

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Roxy Foxy Brown Rocks My Socks Off!

Every time I think about her— I want to blow my load
Even when I’m on the road
Not a moment does my dick want to explode
Her presence in this room alone just glowed
I was leaping from here to there like a toad
Whenever her face appeared on every episode
Her flawless beauty was something she always gave and bestowed
Most dumbass men would be shitting away themselves like a commode
As soon as she let loose on her freak mode
With every tide that she flawlessly rode
She’s hot on foot whenever she’s on road
Without this woman— the notion of sexy black women never would have rowed
I love the way this woman toed-to-toed
With idiots who played dumb on her ass like a toad
As ever she is more than welcome to my humble abode
Most people would do anything for this woman including to foretell and bode
Whatever stress she has— she can easily come to me and unload
I’m sure that there’s nothing she’ll keep secret or encode
I can picture her stroking my ear lobe
As well as her loosening my robe
And sail away on my body like a boat
She’s got me going rowdy like a crazy-ass goat
When it comes to attractiveness— without question she gets my vote
The vision of her kissing and making marks all over my throat
Is something more than a mental note
A sensual as well as a sexual note
Oh this woman right here floats my boat
Whoever is reading this now better note my quote!
I don’t know why jealous women are acting petty though
Over this brown fox as they’re trying to squeeze into their petticoats
All ugly as hell with frames wider than ferry boats
Behaving unhinged like a piece of unsteady rope
Her bolshie behaviour and confidence
Can and WILL dominate all continents
It will be a struggle for most men to exercise self-control and continence
As she does come off more saucier than condiments
When she’s kicking ass or walking the streets— she’s bringing awareness and cognizance 
All of the brothers worldwide look at each other in agreement and consonance
As you know, mess with her and it will be a serious consequence
All of the hot-blooded males, die-hard fans and congregants 
(including myself) are always paying this woman some hardcore compliments
Even dreams about her put us into a deep unconsciousness and somnolence 
Now young white women are sporting styles which appear to be similar and homologous
Foxy Brown is now in a position to be self-governing and autonomous 
To this day she stands head and shoulders above young black women like an acropolis
She’s done well to survive and stay on top of this metropolis
It will noted on her epitaph when she’s finally laid to rest in her plot in the necropolis
Her latency brings in a massive male populous 
The way her sexy midriff teases the sexually-charged populace
It’s that kind of sexiness that should be in full and in propagates
Due to the fact that she swans around like a prophetess
I want this woman with me jamming in London— my provenance 
There is no-one like her as she’s the one that’s somewhat of a prominence

Copyright © 2013 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “The Olivierrean Experience”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)