Let’s Show Our Appreciation To Our Black Goddesses

Posted: August 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

My Brothers— Don’t You Dare Disrespect Our Black Women

I’m embarrassed for the black race
By the way our guys are disrespecting our women to their face
In my opinion I believe that it’s a bleeding disgrace
How we as black men can stand up and disgrace as well as deface
Our black sisters, mothers and queens— and to try and get away without a trace
We should be holding our black women with a firm embrace
And to keep them close to us as if we’re keeping them encased
Our black queens are the reason why we’re such a beautiful race
I am MORE than privileged to have a black woman by my side
They’re the reason why I would die and ride for
As well as cry with and cry for
By the grace of God I will forever cherish my empress
My black regal empress
Who forever keeps me impressed
My love for her is unconditionally endless
I will continue to express
My love for my black queen until it becomes an excess
Our black women hold the key to the entrance
They’re always on my head like a headdress
From Manchester England to USA’s Memphis
Our black women are the original temptress
The original empress
The original queens and princess
With more glam in their pinky fingers than those rednecks
I’m bursting at the seams 
With embarrassment because it seems 
That our brothers are straight-up dissing our own queens
Not only is that a big mistake 
But it’s also a big piss-take
Racist people see us as a laughing stock
Sniggering at us— thinking that we’re a bunch of cocks
Why are we dissing our beauties?
Why are we looking at them as just a pair of tits and booty?
It’s no wonder why we look down at each other all snooty
Exchanging weird looks at each other— behaving all clownish and fruity
I’m observing the way we talk down to our sisters
Picking at them as if we’re picking on our sores and blisters
Taking the piss out of their fuller lips and voluptuous figures
Wanting our women to look like white women with the attitude of hipsters
I suppose we have to let the beat go on in whispers
But as long as I’m here stroking my facial whiskers
I will not stand back and watch my sisters get cut up like a pair of scissors
A lot of my fellow brothers and myself are in agreement 
As we stand in front of God and pledge allegiance 
To stand by our sisters through their tough times and achievements
Even when the worst comes to worst and it becomes a frenzy and a vehemence
We need to stand up, get behind and respect our women
Champion our women
Even when they’re not winning
That doesn’t give us the right to give them a dissing
Our sisters puts us brothers in the position to work hard four vision
And they help us to erode ourselves from the emotional prison
So brothers— let us all come correct
With the positivity that we’re going to inject
And empower our future queens without the means of disrespect
Let’s face it brothers — our sisters are beyond perfect

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “The Olivierrean Experience”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)



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