I’ve Got Mad Love For All My Soul Sistas…

Posted: August 27, 2014 in Uncategorized


The Freedom of a Fine Soul Sista

Fine, brown and beautiful
As usual
Jealous white women find her presence inexcusable
Just because she makes the other women look immoveable
All the men see her and think that she’s doable
Simply because she has a booty full!
Anything this woman graces is beyond suitable
The way she talks sedates me like a luminal
This woman is what you call beautiful and dutiful
Unlike those heifers and elephants
She carries herself with style, grace and elegance
Her voice is regal, sexy and delicate
That it even soothes the likes of her delegates
She’s full of style and finesse
With the way that she’s dressed
Making other ladies look like a hot mess
To the likes of Claudia and Tess
May I suggest 
That you take notes from this regal princess
She has the freedom of a bird
Like Beyoncé— she’s one of those girls 
That can run the world
Glistening in a world of diamonds and pearls
Looking at a woman who’s comfortable and liberated
Makes men like me feel rejuvenated
Making more jealous white women feel irritated
I just want to get heavily inebriated
On her— and keep me cool as if I’m getting refrigerated 
She has the attractiveness of Janet Jackson
Which is more than the odd sexual attraction 
This woman is the epitome of FREEDOM
With the common sense and wisdom of Morgan Freeman
The way she liberates herself has every black man sweetened
She takes every challenge on board and beats them
Not every sodding mister 
Can impress this fine soul sista
Careless whispers don’t even cut it for this sista
Neither does the gangsters and drifters
This sista has no cares
As she stretches and tosses back her hair
Enjoying her freedom and liberation like a hare
She’s not your average Jane or Claire
Judging by the way she straddles that chair
With all the men stopping to stare
As she stretches out to take in the fresh air
This woman moves to her own beat like a drum snare
People are falling on to their knees as if they’re in prayer
It turns me on to see a woman enjoy her own independence
Everyone looks on at this free-spirited woman and loads more in attendance
Her awe-striking beauty leaves me to the point of unable to finish my sentence
Right now I’m in love with her presence
Keeping me wrapped up like Christmas presents
Her beat goes on like The Whispers
Fixing those broken wings like her name was Mr. Mister 
Haters would beg to differ
As I’m pounding my fist in the air for my soul sista

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “JUICED”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


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