You Are Totally Screwed René…

Posted: September 30, 2014 in Uncategorized
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You’ve Fucked Up BIG TIME René

You’ve messed me up with your emotional bruises
I am not in the mood for your ridiculous excuses
You were the love of my life— now you’re a nuisance
As news hits me to realise that you are foolish
What you done to me AND us was beyond stupid 
Without me René you are unbelievably useless
I’m standing here watching you look all dumb and clueless
Watching you beg for forgiveness is somewhat of an exclusive
I should’ve known you were the epitome of chimerical and illusive
As well as shifty, evasive and elusive
Just like my previous boyfriends who were all losers
My trust for you has gone out the window 
Your face— looking all pink with shame like a flamingo
I never thought you would stoop lower than a limbo
Or play me like a game of pachinko
Or even like a game of bingo
You must be barking mad like a dingo
Mr. Olivierre you need to leave me be like a gingko
You have taken me for a right ride as if I was a pinto
As a woman I should have been more careful and meticulous
Not only do I feel cheated as well as ridiculous
But it makes me feel that our relationship was frivolous
I’m now looking at you as someone who’s vague and ambiguous
Where you’re concerned I’m always going to have doubts and ambivalence
Well Mr. René it seems like you are the total antithesis
Of loving and faithful— I really thought that you and I were felicitous
But instead you had other ideas to be in a relationship that’s polygamous
How could I be so stupid to be so oblivious?
I thought we were concurrent with another instead of being asynchronous 
I had you down as a man that was natural and indigenous
Because the love that I had for you was limitless
Whatever you wanted René— I acted in diligence
From now on you can carry on with your bullshit
What I thought we had was more than some cool shit
That’s it— You and I are OFFICIALLY OVER!
Fuck you and the four-leaf clover
If bullshit was music then you’d be the composer
I’m trying so hard not to lose my composure
Your cheating arse deserves some serious exposure
No more would you drive me up the wall like a chauffeur
I really should clap you over the head with your own loafer
Now that I’m leaving your ass— you really are gonna be a loner
With nothing but memories, a porno magazine and a lonely boner
René you are more a joke as opposed to a joker
Nothing about you right now is kosher
The good times we had kept me on a high like a rollercoaster
But hear what? I’m really leaving your arse like a bad odour
With the keys to your Range Rover
You Sir are rubbish— it’s time I disposed ya
You’re looking like a clapped-out motor
It’s about time I brought this to a closure
No more would I be seen as a pushover
For the first time I’m thinking sober
I’m gonna crush you down like a bulldozer
You are a cheating waste-of-space
I’m glad to be moving on with a change of pace
You need to get out of my face
Do me a favour and just choke on some white lace

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “The Olivierrean Experience”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


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