Thanks For That Sexy Message Baby!!!

Posted: October 3, 2014 in Uncategorized


Thanks For The Message Babe 

I just keep replaying that saucy sexy voice message
Listening to it has caused a mess and a wreckage
In my pants like a broken piece of assemblage
Your sexiness breaks the 100 percentage 
I’m thinking about you with handcuffs waiting for you to have me arrested
Waiting for you to cuff me up in less than a second
I want to make you red like a bottle of tomato ketchup
Here I am— imagining the sound of your 6 inch heels
Tapping away, keeping my dick harder than stainless steel
Thinking about you has me spinning around like a Hummer wheel
The feeling’s beyond sexual and erotic that it’s starting to feel unreal
Your smooth black silky hands is what I yearn to feel
All these thoughts about you I just can’t conceal
It’s your clothes that I want to peel
And drive you sexually crazy like a Batmobile
When I enter your G-Spot
Believe me— I will make your knees knock
I’ll have you panting and begging me to “PLEASE STOP”
As I’m pushing in my 9-inch full of thickness
Blessing you with my truncheon full of richness
I want to keep on pumping you with my stiffness
Keep you worked up like a session of fitness
Oh babe your message makes me long for your appearance
Thinking about your smooth legs
Smoother than grade-A eggs
Making my dick harder than coat pegs
The way you sound over the phone sounds like a woman in need of sex
Whilst I’m at my place of business
Full of sexual rage and bigness
Trying my best not to make these thoughts repetitious
But right now I’m feeling sexually innocuous as opposed to being pernicious
Just dying to give you something that’s big and nutritious
As well as to crunch into you like biscuits
I want to be the prince of all princes
That smashes your vaginal bridges
I am in need of your warm sensual breath 
Inside my ear as well as your breast
Giving me your best
As your nipple’s thrusting in my ear— causing me to rest
As I’m trying to get undressed
Hoping to give you something harder than a maths test
Wanting you to rip off my vest
Your sexy voice on this voice message has left me impressed 
Making me go mad— going North, East, South and West
I can’t wait until we get home 
To have you kissing me on my collarbone
Whilst I’m aiming to give you some of my foam
Coming from my dick which will be hard like stone
Baby— your message makes me want to get blown
And you’re making me high like a bag of homegrown
Straight from work— I’m coming home
To put you flat on your back
So that I can smash your vagina and your crack
I will keep you wrapped up like an anorak
After I’ve heard your high-heels going ‘clickety-clickety-clack’
Then I will give your arse a smack
Before we get into the sack

Copyright © 2013 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “JUICED”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


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