A Woman Always Looks Sexy In a Black Dress…

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I’m Just A Sucker 4 Women In Little Black Dresses

Thank you to the ladies— Rozalyne, Raissa and Yasheen
The sight of you three keeps me filled up like a bowl of hot dasheen
You ladies look sleek, sexy and precious
In spite of all of your daily stresses
You still look good in those little black dresses
Your sexiness needs no edits
Always bringing out my inner smile like Texas
I love you sexy ladies in your little black dresses 
Strutting around and tossing back your sleekly styled tresses
And here I am just bathing in your essence
Losing all of my senses
As I’m in awe of you ladies looking perfect like sketches
Spinning my head around like a GS300 Lexus
As you sexy bunch glisten well like a diamond encrusted necklace
Making those invidious jealous women look like heifers
Half of those cows look worn out like a pair of Skechers
Let’s give a shout-out to Chloe White, Binta and my African queen Diana
Rocking the hourglass figures with the excitement of Guyana
I wish you women would come to me and get on me
Especially when you’re wearing those LBD’s made by Givenchy
With all you ladies in LBDs— forget breakfast at Tiffany’s 
Forget me having these lightning bolts and epiphanies
Your sexiness has me snowed up like Brittany
Making me want to spear into you lot like Britney
Houston we’re gonna have problem here— call me Whitney!
The way Rozalyne carries herself with dignity
With the elegance of written calligraphy
Coupled with the fact that she deliciously
Looks delicious in her LBD keeping us guys in agreement and complicity
I would gladly be kept in captivity
By Raissa— who wears LBDs consistently
Guys like me are chasing her with consonance and consistency
Oh dear Brother
I am merely just a sucker
Bug-a-Boo and Bugger Bugger
Right now I feel like screaming out ‘MOTHERFUCKER’
Most dudes would just sit back and blubber
Fly from one wall to the other like Flubber
As well as vibrate themselves for pleasure like a buzzer
I’m melting away like a tub a of warm butter
Stuffing my mind with sexual clutter
The point that I’m making is that I’m just a sucker
For ladies in LBDs getting me all hard like a slugger
As well as getting me all heated up like Caribbean supper
I’m speechless to the point of wanting to stumble and sputter
I’m just a sucker for the girls in the little black Givenchy
The dress that screams out “Come and get in me!”
I’m pointing at the ladies like a firing arrow
Because they’re looking sexy in their little black sparrows
The blackest of black sitting on their slinky bodies like a shadow
Making the likes of Ernesta and Lauren appear depthless and shallow
Looking like a couple of walking marshmallows
Trying to stay fresh and clean like newly-grown mallows
Lauren in a LBD looks really off-putting, unhealthy and sallow
Making all guys roll away like a wheelbarrow
Binta— her fine ass in a black Chanel number
That body of hers had my mind in a slumber
The way that dress fits on her body hug-tight like a jumper
When it comes to my time— I can hold back and cumber 
Especially for the LBD divas as I’m checking out their bumpers
The kind of sexiness that attracts men like prey to hunters
Trying to grab a piece of you ladies with speed like coyotes and road runners
I am extremely addicted to you ladies like drugs
Wanting to crawl all over your bodies like critters and bugs
Trying to be extra gentleman instead of being like a bunch of super thugs
Acting woolly-headed like expensive carpets and Persian rugs
Ladies in LBDs have that expensive sexiness and extensive edginess
As opposed to the likes of heifers who walk around with the excessive scariness
Acting ridiculously stupid with their bags full of expressive pettiness
Rozalyne, Raissa, Chloe and Binta
Yasheen, Eshe and all the other ladies make me want to lose control like a printer
Looking at you all in LBDs make me want to take off like an Olympic sprinter
Or just get stuck into my own madness like a splinter!

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “JUICED”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


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