René… You Better Start Talking NOW

Posted: October 8, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Well Come On Then René— I’m Listening

Before I get my girlfriends in on the listen in
Your excuses better be worth me listening
Instead of trying to blind me like a pair of diamonds glistening
The thought of being in a room with you is emotionally crippling
Cheating on a good woman like me is beyond sickening
A fucker like you should’ve kept your distancing
My hate for you right now is slowly but surely thickening
I hope the woman you cheated with is totally sizzling
She must have had your black jackass dribbling
As well as your dick stiffening
The fact that you’re here sobbing and sniffling
Ready to bullshit me with excuses is beyond belittling
I find you quite messed up like a piece of scribbling
As well as repulsive— the antithesis of riveting
Back then I would overdose on you like you were Ritalin
But right now I wish that your black ugly ass was blistering
So tell me René, was this bitch worth your time?
Was she keeping your dick fresh like thyme?
Was her pussy better than mine?
I bet she wanted to buss your arse
Whilst she was giving you the all-rounded master class
I’m begging you to please tell me
About your dirty, sordid affair keeping it on a stealthy
Was her rounded robust arse nice, sexy and healthy?
Because I’m damn sure that bitch ain’t wealthy
She’s nowhere near rich as those tarts from Chelsea
I bet you that that raving whore gave you head
I also take it that she was really good in bed
Were you loving the way that her legs spread?
Right now René— our relationship is totally brown bread
Which I’m sure you know is cockney slang for DEAD
I’m pretty sure that you have enough led
In your pencil to make any woman go red
What you did to me was beyond dread
By anyone’s standards
I’d kill a man for you if your name was slandered
I would hold your corners down like an anchor
For a man like you? You are what I now call a wanker
René— I really want to cut you out of my life like a cancer
You’re starting to bore me senseless like Ned Flanders
I am beyond fucking pissed off and angered
As well as emotionally stranded
I thought that with a man like you— I’ve definitely landed
On my feet when you gave me security, love and banter
I’m still waiting for the bloody justifications
I’m waiting for your pitiful excuses and aimless persuasions
René you need to kick rocks and get stuffed
Maybe some of your friends might be chuffed
To bits with your ridiculous actions which could get you cuffed
You’ve officially waved goodbye to my trust
I’m in total disgust
As I’ve previously discussed
I’m tempted to give your face a good old-fashioned punching
If you do not say something
It’ll be your crown jewels that’ll get a crushing
And get stamped on like a dumpling
Before I move my feet to start walking…

You better open your mouth and start talking

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “The Olivierrean Experience”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


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