Oh Anna… I’m In Love With You

Posted: October 9, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Anna Richardson— This Woman Rocks My World

Taking me back to when she presented Love Bites
I’ve never seen a woman like her take me by surprise
A 6 year-old me taking in a pretty sight
A pretty sight of that presenter
Had all of the women in the 90’s look like a damn pretender
She had my erection holding me down like I was a pensioner
This woman had me all heated to the point I checked my temperature
How could this presenter be hard to remember?
Her attractiveness had me all caught up like I was in my mum’s placenta
All the guys are going mad like they’ve got a malady or a distemper
To this day she maintains sexiness from January to December
Young men like myself would do anything to defend her
Protect her like a SAS guard or a defender
When I was a child she strummed my heartstrings like a Fender
Just her presence alone is enough to evoke and engender
Anything that she wore— she graced it with elegance and splendour
Those sexy eyes of hers always made me feel weak and tender
Her appearances on TV over the years did more than just contribute and render
Miss Richardson is definitely a credit to her gender!
She was my first TV crush
Like Jennifer Paige it was MORE than just a little crush
My hands start palpitating and my body overall gets a sudden rush
Right down to the point when my face starts to blush
Finding it hard to detangle myself like a brush
Itching away rigorously as if I’ve got thrush
She makes sneezing and coughing look sexy and lush
Watching her for too long has turned me into slush
I love the way her body graces those dresses that make her look plush
Making my body and emotions bursting to gush
Her skin always looks flawless
As ever, her body and smile is beyond gorgeous
Making me look at her looking all dumb and gormless
With that sassy sex appeal of Lucy Lawless
Got me and my boys leaking away like broken faucets
Even to this day I’m hooked on her elegance
I’m definitely hooked on her every little element
The feelings are there in my heart, soul and skeleton
Her smooth sexy face is a picture of relevance
With the soft red lips of gentleness
Every year she look good and she’s full of benevolence
Damn Anna! She’s the L’Oreal because she’s got the excellence
And I just can’t help it if I’m aroused by her eloquence
She makes today’s young women look vague and nebulous
That smile of hers is titillating and provocative
The sound of her voice is really suggestive and evocative
Just watching her and thinking about her makes me feel positive
If only I had the right and the prerogative
To touch and caress that silky head of hair
Looking into that sensuous glare
A glare that’s (usually in this day) so rare
She was and STILL IS a breath of fresh air
Thank God that I’m a man who knows his grammar
Whenever I’m commenting on this lady’s glamour
Making meticulous notes about her like a homework planner
Making me want to rejoice about her in pandemonium and clamour
I am intoxicated on her beauty— or should I say hammered?
Whoa! Please excuse my laddish manner
Every man would lay themselves out for her like a banner
Tightening their own leaks like a spanner
Oh Miss Anna Richardson— she keeps me happy in more way than a happy camper! 

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “The Olivierrean Experience”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


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