Does Being a Ratchet Have Its Benefits?

Posted: October 12, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Is Ratchet The New Sexy? 

Since when was it considered cool 
For a hot woman to look like a fool?
Looking like they need a lesson in style school
Talk about drowning in a vanity pool
This ratchet lifestyle has gone beyond stupidity
I’m still amazed by the lucidity
These young girls have the extreme greed and cupidity
To behave like a tart to the point of mad rancidity
Some young women are walking with a stench of lividity
Having no respect for themselves by engaging in whoring activity
Brazenly talking about being a ratchet and admittedly
Bragging about their sex lives in the most hideous imagery
I assume that stars like Rihanna and Iggy Azalea do it for the publicity
Making our generation of women stand to this agreement like a complicity
WHY are these girls having an affinity
To live the ratchet life and go down that route of duplicity
I would hate for any women I know to look like a slapper
And then expect to attract men who look smart and dapper
Dolled up looking tackier than a sweetie wrapper
Then they set their sights on a footballer or a rapper
Piercing their own minds and hearts like a dagger
As they’re aimlessly going hard like the clappers
Putting on a performance like actors
Wanting to do more than to plant a smacker
Acting overtly madder than a hatter
Bringing back the days of when whoring women were flappers
Putting good guys minds down the crapper
Once they catch on to the good guys like a trapper
In terms of being a ratchet— they’ve taken it to a whole new chapter
To me— these ratchets are an unnecessary matter
Because the majority of them smell like a red snapper
Forget the term ‘Gold-Digger— they’re more like a gold sapper
There’s no way I’d take home a strumpet
Most hungry guys would blow Iggy Azalea out like a trumpet
They would fantasize about munching her out like a crumpet
As well as checking her bumper out to give her a good “Bump It”
To say that ratchets are sexy is beyond taking the mick
Especially when all they think about is dick
And attracting the usual type of prick
Making those pricks go hard like a brick
They seem to think that they can take their pick
Of the guys whether they’re John, Peter or Rick
They’re somewhat like prostitutes turning tricks
The likes of Iggy and Nicki really do get on my wick
Strutting around with their heels— going “Clickety-Clickety Click” 
This whole ratchet behaviour makes me sick
Thinking that they’re actually a sexy and an attractive chick
When they’re jumping from dick to dick like a case of fleas and ticks
The days of a classy woman has definitely gone out the window
Girls nowadays think it’s really sexy to look like a frigging bimbo
These damn ratchets should get a slice from Kimbo
For the sheer fact that they look like a weirdo
I do not think that being a ratchet is considered attractive
I’m sure that to most gents these kind of women are adaptive
To their sleazy lifestyles which seems morally inactive
Coupled with the fact that they love using their tarty tactics
It’s got the youth of today becoming distracted
And obsessed with these bimbos and their antics
NEWSFLASH: These slappers do NOT pay your taxes
The ideology of good women these days have gone up their jacksies! 

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “JUICED”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


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