My Love Will Never Die For You Jacqueline

Posted: October 27, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I Just Can’t Get Over You Jacqueline

As these tears are rolling down my face 
Knowing that no woman alive could take your place
It’s been 8 years since you passed away— leaving me in this space
And even in this space you still managed to leave more than a trace
Since you’ve been gone I’ve fallen flat on my face and off the case
No woman in the world would ever match up to your style and grace
Your non-existence burns me up every time like a can of mace
Knowing that I will never again get to touch you and embrace
Since your untimely passing— I’ve felt like a right waste-of-space
Drinking my days away whilst listening to Ace Of Base
Sipping my expensive tastes such as the Ace Of Spades
Here I am just sitting here drowning in my own tears
Tears of sadness, despondency, devastation as well as my own fears
Idiots would say that big men aren’t supposed to cry— that’s for the lone queers
Right now—I’m in so much emotional bereft that I can’t even talk to my own peers
Even to this day your premature death gets the better of me
Every night I’m clutching your book titled “The Letter to Me”
People are totally wrong by saying that we were never meant to be
I miss the way you stimulate me both spiritually and mentally
Talking to you every day was always like a therapeutic remedy
You were the ultimate queen for me with the regal supremacy
We were in love with each other like a real co-dependency
This pain I’m still suffering with is what you call a read deadweight
Making me want to bounce off walls like I’m some sort of head-case
Causing myself more harm like a headache
It’s like an emotional game of Chess— call it a Checkmate
There is no woman out there like you
It would’ve been a privilege to have wined, dined and wife you
This deep-rooted sadness caused by this untimely tragedy
Hearing about you getting rushed into casualty
Made me lose all angles of my sanity
Hoping to myself that all of this was a big joke or a fallacy
We had dreams and ambitions of starting our own family
The news to this day hits me like a malady
Crying tears of pain, devastation and agony
With every woman I’m with— I see you
Your cute face, smile and your bashful giggle too
Right now I’m as quiet as a church mouse
As I’m roaming around in this big house
Holding onto your favourite black, silk blouse
Knowing that in my heart of hearts you’re my spouse
Now I really know what it’s like to be and feel alone
Especially when all I’ve got left from you is this cologne
The cologne you bought me never left me
The scent is a reminder of that your love and presence always gets me
My life will never be the same without you
It’s like a piece of paper trying to get stuck on without glue
You was and still are the love of my life
In my heart of hearts— you ARE my wife
Jacqueline Powell my darling— I’d do anything to bring you back here 
You were the only one who would wipe away my every tear
You were the wonder woman that helped me face my fears
And also the same woman who introduced me to Spandau Ballet and Tears For Fears
Even though we’re worlds apart
You will be a massive part
Of my life like my dartboard and darts
But more to the point— you’ll always be in my heart
And no tart could or would take your place
I can’t wait to join you in Heaven to see your beautiful face
And when I’m making my way there— please save me a space

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “JUICED”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


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