Foxy Brown or Foxxy Cleopatra? YOU DECIDE!

Posted: October 30, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Foxy Or Foxxy?

They’re both extraordinarily sexy women
Both black and elegant with the spiciness of jerk chicken
They’re also high-flying and kickin’
Asses from United States to Great Britain
These ladies would be dealing with all types of villains
Their attractiveness have people like me all sprung and smitten
Together— they would make a perfect vision
As these two sexy foxes are always on a mission
Every fella that I know would be down 
For hanging around with Miss Foxy Brown
She’s the finest thing roaming around town
I’m probably feeling like Miss Foxy Brown deserves the crown
To most blokes of today— they might think that I’m being a bit of a clown
They believe that Foxxy Cleopatra deserves all the love, worship and praise
Admired by a lot of gays not to mention the smooth complexion on her face
Me personally would say that there’s more than enough space
For these ladies to accompany one another and grace the stage
Our young generation of women need to take more than a leaf or a page
From their books and start breaking down their mental cage
All of us lads would buss a smile
As both Foxxy and Foxy drive me insanely wild 
When they pop up— I humble up myself like a child 
Especially when their combined sexiness is piled
Looking all sweet and mild 
I’m loving the way these foxy ladies are equally styled
Making the other ladies angered and riled
Riled up with envy and jealousy
As us lads are all caught up in a reverie
Making celebratory noise like a gigantic revelry
Watching Foxy Brown swan about with her midriff splendidly
Whereas Foxxy’s walking with all spice like a sexual recipe
Miss Cleopatra looks sexy when she’s looking vex and borderline miserable
But we all know that she doesn’t compare to the original
Some would say that Brown makes Cleopatra look like an imbecile
When it comes to dealing with crooks and criminals
Foxy Brown is the epitome of invincible
Behind her street sexiness is a force of hers that’s formidable
Regardless of what people think— she’s loyal and inextricable
And what I love about her is that she’s not unsolvable and inexplicable
Stating the obvious here— she’s sexy and irresistible
Making Foxxy Cleopatra look shoddy and predictable
Despite all of this— Foxxy still looks acceptable and permissible
Like Foxy Brown— Foxxy Cleopatra appears really tasty and nutritional
And with all that glamour she is also invincible
Making the young generation of women look invisible
Where credit is due she’s got a lot of glamour
Her sexy body had me all hard like a hammer
Causing us rowdy blokes to make a hoo-ha and a clamour
Like a bunch of schoolchildren all stuffed up in a crammer
Those alluring eyes have the driving force of a rammer
Making boys want to hang onto her like a hanger
Both of Foxy and Foxxy’s combined glamour 
Would make me want to have a stammer
Making me want to behave like a right tool— call me a spanner!
So please excuse my manners
I’m just beyond infatuated with these ladies and their swagger
Got me going hard like the clappers
Making me lose my mind like those bimbos and slappers
Keeping my shit rosy like my mane was Amber
The sight of these ladies really blow my mind
I just sit back and envisage on their behinds
They’re both as foxy as they come 
Keeping me hotter than a shot of rum 
The tones of their chests and their tums
Makes me wanna bang away like a set of bongo drums
Chewing my nerves away like a piece of gum
Foxy Brown and Foxxy Cleopatra— Come here and gimme some!

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “The Olivierrean Experience”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


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