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Rashidah “Rah” Ali—This Woman Looks ALL THAT & A Bag Of Chips!

Hot Damn Rashidah!
You sure are one hell of a diva!
Cutting your competition off like a meat cleaver
You’ve got those jealous whores gnawing at you like a beaver
Just kiss goodbye to the non-believers and the under-achievers
You’ve got that golden glow about you like a Golden Retriever
Looking at you on Love and Hip-Hop NY makes me a really happy geezer
Keeping me chilled like my beers in a freezer
Which is ironic because I’m sweating underneath my wifebeater!
All the guys are hooked on you like a bunch of druggies to a dealer
Simply because your body is a teaser
It’s hot in here so let me take off my coat
Because you’ve definitely rocked my boat
And at the same time you’ve definitely floated my boat
I’m popping off the rails like my name’s Raoul Moat
It’s so obvious that you totally blow me away
To the point that I’m just swanning astray
Thirsty-ass men want to drop the anchor in your Vaginal Bay
Listening to that line— I wouldn’t know what to say
Other than the fact that those guys sound cray-cray
It’s safe to say that you have the glamour of Beyoncé and Jay
Like J.Lo I just want you to play
Your sassiness makes the other women look as boring as curds and whey
Your whole presence however reminds me of those girls that are around the way
The type of woman that’ll hide their emotional scars and stories like The Fray
I’m sure you know that you stop hot-blooded males from feeling grey
Let me be the one to tell you that you’ve got nice eyes and lips
As well as nice thighs and hips
You’ve got me wanting to stuff my face with pies and chips
When you’re walking by— you’ll see all the hot-blooded guys eclipse!
I am in total awe of you
The type of awe that keeps me stuck on you like glue
In the words of Spandau Ballet— this much is true
Damn woman if only you knew!
That if I was your man— I would have been one hell of a boo!
Not a bug-a-boo
And not another boo
But a romantic man that shows that he’s in love with you
Catching feelings for you like I’ve caught the flu
Oblivious to the point of not having a clue
Oh my goodness you are as tasty as a plate of Chicken Gordon Bleu
I’m just beyond crazy about your picturesque body and the view
No need to ask that the other guys would acquiesce too!
They’ve got the Alicia Keys thing going on as they’re totally feeling you
All the guys worldwide recognize that you are a badass
You are the Mrs. I’m-Too-Good-For-My-Black-Ass
The one that can’t stomach you— they’re nothing more than a jackass
I call those type of people a “WhackAss”
It is safe to admit that you’ve made me a huge fan
With a healthy-ass body with the goodness of Kellogg’s All-Bran
You’ve also got a queue of men just dying to be your man
I suppose it’s all part of their plan
To whisk you off to St. Tropez and catch a tan
Trying to make you feel like Alice in their very own wonderland
With the beauty and presence of the women from the Motherland
In regards to you and your badass self! There’s nothing more to understand
With a body like yours, it’s obvious that you’ll get love from one man to another man!
Loads of girls are going to hate you
Jealous women are going to slate you
And I suppose the few non-believers are going to do their best to berate you
Don’t let that shit faze you
You are that type of woman 
That makes the plain Jane type of woman look woollen
You make them look as boring as hell to the point of them being wooden
You’re one of the few women to bring me down to my knees 
Because looking at you right now— you are what I call a damn good tease
Better than Demi Moore’s Striptease
With more sex appeal than Dita von Teese
I’m going yellow like a piece of Leerdammer cheese
The way your frame walks past me like a piece of cool breeze
Tickling every inch of my fancy to the point of me wanting to sneeze
And now my soldier has gone to a freeze
You’ve got me on a high as if I was smoking trees
Whereas the others are going green like mushy peas
Miss Rashidah Ali
True to the surname— you really are a knockout like Muhammad Ali
You really do knock me out like Tatyana Ali

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “The Olivierrean Experience”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)



Hayley Williams

The Paramore princess
Has all the guys on her like incense
Her striking orange hair
Attracts all the dudes to stare
I like her sense of girliness
As well as her sense of quirkiness
All the boys are thinking dirtiness
Thinking about her like a curvy Miss
Her style is so urban
So damm petite like a verdin
She looks so sweet and innocent like a virgin
With a cutting edge like a surgeon
Who disposes clowns like vermin
She continues to rock on
Whereas Avril Lavigne needs to jog on
She is hotter than Drew Barrymore
Long live the queen of Paramore
She’s known to the masses and the millions
It is the orange-haired Hayley Williams

Copyright © 2011 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “H.A.N.D.”); written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)

Limara Mascoll & René Olivierre

Miss Limara — We Could Have Been That Couple

I’m kicking myself and I’m going crazy
Knowing that you were the Beyoncé to my Jay-Z
We could have been doing the dirty dance like Jennifer Grey & Patrick Swayze
Now that I’m reminiscing about you— I’m feeling all dazed and hazy
I’m set adrift on memory bliss of you looking prettier than a daisy
To this day I still consider you as one hot lady
It’s just a damn shame that you’re not MY lady
Oh damn Limara! You were one lady that was beyond racy
Even when we were in school uniform you looked tasty
Tastier than a crumbly chicken pastry
Leaving me all famished and pasty
I would often watch you go to lessons on a daily
Making myself arrive late to my classes insanely
I would often fantasize about you as my black Karren Brady
Dancing to Janet Jackson’s “What Have You Done For Me Lately?”
As I was stuffing my face with M&M’s like a real Slim Shady
Intoxicated on your presence like I was drinking my Bailey’s
My eyes weren’t wandering around for other ladies
I wanted to be the Peter to your Katie
But I was too busy putting on a show like Kevin Spacey
You are still a turner like Lacey
With more class than the average Lindsey or Stacey
Beating all kinds of class like a Mercedes
It was totally me that fucked up
The chance was right there and I completely pissed it up as well as mucked up
I should’ve been the man to have had my ideas bucked up
What’s the point of getting my coat?
Knowing fully well that I’ve missed the boat?
My peers would usually just kick back and gloat
Calling me a total arse-clown and a dumb goat
Hearing your voice in my head will always sound sweet like a music note
Making me want to clear my throat
You and I could have been the UK’s answer to Will and Jada
With a life more crazier than the Slaters
I would’ve done anything for you including the cleaning as well as to cater
We could raised our middle fingers to a particular hater
Because Limara you are (to me) a woman that’s totally beyond greater
Shredding the other ladies away like a cheese grater
I would have attended to your every need and want like a waiter
Anything to make you feel happy, auspicious, relevant and pater
My feelings for you were totally beyond major
All these emotions I’m having are rising up like some bread in the bakers
You are a unique brand of woman as well as a different type of flavour
I should’ve given you my number and all my other contact data
I could’ve just scribbled down my emotions and affections for you down on a piece of paper
I am so sorry for being an idiot and for playing with the persona of a player
Now I’m sitting here with a glass of brandy getting all cut up like a razor
Spinning around in circles in a park like a cyclist or a skater
In a swift moment of madness like my name was Taylor
Now I’m all hazy and jaded
Thinking about how we could have been like Victoria and David
My head’s feeling super-tight as if it’s just been braided
I’m exposing my feelings for you into the open… Naked
The thoughts of you, your voice and smile never ever faded
Still reminiscent of you as I’m listening to Craig David
I’m forever blown away by your unique style and grace
I get turned on by the smile that’s always on your face
Wishing and hoping to myself that you always leave behind a trace
Your beauty and pulchritude always puts you ahead of the race
Causing me to forever hold myself like a brace
I’m pretty sure that the other ladies should be watching your space
With all the hot-blooded males all up on your case
So much for wanting to do the dirty dance
When in reality I’ve totally missed my chance
Just remember this— your prettiness will always hold me in a trance
Which makes me want to break into a mad type of prance
As ever Limara— you always have me standing tall like a soldier’s stance
Causing me to make a storm like Lance
We would’ve looked good together
Surviving all types of weather
Whilst we’re watching EastEnders or Birds Of a Feather
I would have had your side whenever and wherever
We could have been that couple
Snuggling up with every cuddle
With your face against my stubble
In our own utopia without any trouble
Swanning away in our own bubble

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “JUICED”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


Oh Limara— You Are Such A Beautiful Woman

Damn you Miss Limara
Your presence had me bowled over like the cricketer Brian Lara
A woman like you had me all hard like body armour
The Mount Grace days of when life was much calmer
Seeing you kept me and my batteries up like a charger
I would have signed away my life to you like a treaty or a charter
We could have been something that’s bigger and larger
I was secretly attracted to you like gold diggers to gold and fools to a snake charmer
Most roadmen wished they could plant a field of you like a farmer
Wishing that they could keep you wrapped up warm like a parka
As well as wanting to be the modern day Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker
Limara you are the type of woman most people would cry for
You have the body and presence most women would die for
Wow woman! We could have been the perfect dream team
Back in the days of the Grace when I wanted to taste you like ice-cream
Your sassiness made all my brothers and I scream
You never failed to gleam
Everything about you just beamed
You’re so hot to the point that I wanted to blow my steam
As an extraordinary woman— you were EVERY black man’s dream
I was on the verge of bursting at every seam
All the boys at school were totally whipped by you as if they were whipped cream
I had admired you always for your high self-esteem
Your sultriness was understated as opposed to being totally extreme
Looking at you now— you’ve still got the modern-day regal presence of a queen
I feel like a fool for not asking you if I could be your king
To me, you were more than a great deal like a ream
It hit me proper that we had grown away
Even at a point when your smiles had me blown away
You were a rarity to me— a black woman who’s good looking and nice
Me being a fool was running like a few headless chickens and mice
Reminiscing about you whilst I was tucking into my peas and rice
Going all cold and numb like I’ve just showered myself in ice
Now I’m sitting here like a flipping slice
Thinking to myself; “Wow damn Limara! You were and STILL ARE a woman of spice!”
We could have been the road version of J.Lo and P. Diddy
Looking at your picture makes me feel all warm, fuzzy and giddy
Giggling to myself foolishly like a little kiddy
I wish I could just wrap myself around you like a middy
I’ll be the first to admit that I was a total fool
Because I didn’t have the bottle to ask you out at school
And furthermore— I was too busy trying to look cool
When in the end I looked and felt like a complete tool
You always reminded me of a Nubian beauty
The type of woman with a nice smile, body and booty
I always saw you as a cutie
A total antithesis to those girls who were beyond kooky
Right now I’m sitting here thinking about what could have been
A potential night of surreal bliss with your skin against my skin
All of those hopes and dreams have now been dashed in the bin
Thinking about you has sent me into a whirlwind spin
Feeling the sharpness of reality like a pin
Definitely a cut above the average Lynne
We really could’ve been the black version of Chris and Gwyn
Whatever happens from now I just wanna tell you this
I want to wish your life is forever in a state of unreal bliss
And that it stays sweet like the chocolates from Swiss
Don’t ever let people take the piss 
Miss Limara… Let me at least send you a kiss

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “JUICED”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)