Show Some Love To Your Jewellery!

Posted: December 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

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Love Your Jewellery

Okay let’s cut out the tomfoolery
And take the time to love your jewellery
I don’t talk about my jewellery usually
And it may come off across as a bit of a lunacy
But I would LOVE to start a community
Of jewellery lovers and create a nice little unity
Having everyone watch your jewellery in close scrutiny
I love the way my beads sit on my arms beautifully
Each bead on my body is worn with meaning and purity
I refuse to obey all of society’s ideologies of normality like a mutiny
Amidst of my beads come the diamonds
It has the X-Factor like Simon
I have a few jewellery lovers swanning it up in Ireland
Hitting the peaks like a highland
My diamond studs signify my vanity
If I could, I would buy some diamonds for the rest of the family
Right now I’m living my bejewelled fantasy
Which to others may seem like an infantile fallacy
I would gladly all day long and happily
Wear my African regalia affably
Whilst I’m looking for a Cleopatra to my Antony
Rocking my beads with bravery and gallantry
As well as with a bit of carelessness and apathy
I’ve got a cross to show my allegiance to my faith Christianity
Other folks think that I’m knee-deep in insanity
Hurling abuse at me with their unkind words and profanities
To hell with them! I’ll still continue to rock my beads ecstatically
Starting with both extravagant armfuls of bracelets
Coupled with some nice necklaces that make others wish I was faceless
All of my bracelets (to me) just speak out greatness
I love all of my jewellery so there ain’t no favourites
I’m like the love child of Mr. T and Carmen Miranda
As I’m sitting here posing with my jewels on the veranda
I’m not here to spread any bullshit or any propaganda
Or beat up on my chest like a grizzly bear or a panda!
I admire Mr T. for his neck full of gold
The statement alone is what I would call bold
These chavvy types would rock jewellery tackily like a piece of mould
I love gold a lot but my preference lies with silver
The gold jewellery carries the weight of several bodybuilders
I think I’ll just stick to my wooden beaded regalia
This style will catch on from London, New York and Australia
I will not be fashion-forward with my jewellery like my was Iggy Azalea
But I would love a group of jewellery lovers to join on my bacchanalia
People say that loving your jewellery is somewhat of a good statement
The copious amounts of beads I’m wearing— to others it’s an amazement
The weight around my neck usually brings my neck down to the pavement
Stuck-up nosed people make dumb accusations about me like an arraignment
Jewellery lovers are just humble people— not arrogant and complacent
However we are just a bunch of people who are just easy-going and complaisant
My jewellery just gives me a sense of content and containment
It frees me from this mad mental enslavement
Here I am— walking the streets in my beads and my Stan Smiths
Listening and taking in the words of Sam Smith
The same words he said on the X-Factor
Which had me revved up like a high-powered tractor
Putting on a performance like an actor
For the odd hater and the piss-taking detractor
I’m not into this diamonds culture like ballers and rappers
Trying to look sweet in their diamond jewellery like sweet wrappers
I admire the heavy metalheads with their fists full of metal
Having the “normal” people look at them and dismiss them as mental
I’ve seen jewellery being made out of leaves and stinging nettles
As well as those nice and sexy rose petals
I suppose jewellery in a way settles your fettle
And the large amounts signifies your boldness and your mettle
However— jewellery is jewellery so you have to embrace it

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “JUICED”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


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