What A Distraction You ARE LIMARA!!!

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Limara— You Are Such A Distraction

Maybe that’s why I’m in love with you
It’s simply because I can’t get enough of you
No woman alive would be placed above of you
I’m just dying to place my hands with my gloves on you
My goodness you feel so good and fresh
You’re the Cleopatra in the flesh
Wanting me to entangle with you like a mesh
With so much style, sexiness and finesse
I’m running out of words to express
My appreciation for you like an excess
Having you here is probably the best way of a divertissement
You would make the word ‘sexy’ a great advertisement
Oh gosh woman you’re blowing my mind
The way you’re straddling my lap and simulating a grind
Every man knows that you’re fine
With your sexy skin smooth as pine
As your hands run over this mouth of mine
On a scale from one to nine
You are most definitely sublime
Forget the rest of those grapes— you are totally the finest vine
Leaving a taste in my mouth like expensive wine
I’m in a relaxed state of mind
When I’ve got your hands running down my Calvin Klein’s
As well as having your chest pressed against mine
Limara you always make my day
As ever— your sultriness keeps blowing me away
You’re actually taking my breath away
I will enjoy being in your presence all day
Baby I have no more words to say
Making me wanna make more than 50 shades of grey
As well as getting my J.Lo on and just play
Placing my hands on your hips
As my lips come into contact with your lips
Getting into some serious grips
With your sexy body— looking tastier than a plate of fish and chips
You can definitely use me at your disposal
I’ll even go down on my knees like it was a marriage proposal!
I love it whenever you’re close and near
And I love it when your smooth hands are caressing all over my head and my ears
Cutting me down to size like a pair of garden shears
Keeping all nice and cool like freshly chilled beers
Every touch you make with your fingers
Makes me love the way your hands smoothly linger
Around my ears as if I was listening to classical singers
Now I feel extra horny like a group of swingers
As your fingers erode away all of my stingers
My mind is going in one direction to you and your little things
The way you satisfy me is more than how a queen tends to her king
The way you’re glistening like a diamond ring
Shows an element of a true black queen
You are most definitely the Cleopatra to my Antony
As much as you’re a distraction— you are what I call a living fantasy
What you’re giving me here makes all my other relationships look like fallacies
Your presence gives me something else to focus on than just my vanity
Together— you and I could re-enact a scene from the film Love Actually
It’s surreal how you’ve got a hold of me
Straddling me and watching you take control of me
It’s really sexy how you’re on top of me
Looking like a piece of gold on me
Damn woman you are more than just a distraction
You are also more than just a sexual attraction
The excitement I have for you is somewhat a fraction
My full excitement is on the lines of a serious satisfaction
You are what I call a tease
And unlike Demi Moore in Striptease
You always keep me pleased
With you I’m always at ease
With a calm taste like Leerdammer cheese
You’ve got my body jingling like keys
As we’re having it away like Alicia Keys

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “The Olivierrean Experience”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


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