I Feel Alive Again…

Posted: January 17, 2015 in Uncategorized


You Brought Me Back To Life

I felt like screaming with joy and effervescence
You brought me back to life like Evanescence
I loved the way your body move when you dance
You had me hard like a soldier’s stance
I blossomed brightly like flowers
I could stay in your arms for hours
You were so beautiful and caring
I wanted you to myself- no sharing!
Miss Limara, I felt your exuberance
Happiness was an understatement; I called it jubilance
You’ve had me smiling and giggling like a boy again
I’d never thought I’d find joy again
Your illustrious black hair
I loved every style that you wear
I wanted to hold you and sway
Sway carelessly to the songs that we play
Cheek to cheek then lips to lips 
In unison for a euphoric, romantic bliss
I wanted you with a hardcore passion
Your sexiness stays with me like fashion
I loved your eyes and your smile
Your smile took me over the aisle
This romance was true like Spandau Ballet
I was spinning around like the girls doing ballet
You made me feel free again
Because of you, I am now me again
I was feeling revved up like a Camara
Damn woman I’m so into you Miss Limara

Copyright © 2015 René Olivierre all rights reserved


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