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Miss Limara — We Could Have Been That Couple

I’m kicking myself and I’m going crazy
Knowing that you were the Beyoncé to my Jay-Z
We could have been doing the dirty dance like Jennifer Grey & Patrick Swayze
Now that I’m reminiscing about you— I’m feeling all dazed and hazy
I’m set adrift on memory bliss of you looking prettier than a daisy
To this day I still consider you as one hot lady
It’s just a damn shame that you’re not MY lady
Oh damn Limara! You were one lady that was beyond racy
Even when we were in school uniform you looked tasty
Tastier than a crumbly chicken pastry
Leaving me all famished and pasty
I would often watch you go to lessons on a daily
Making myself arrive late to my classes insanely
I would often fantasize about you as my black Karren Brady
Dancing to Janet Jackson’s “What Have You Done For Me Lately?”
As I was stuffing my face with M&M’s like a real Slim Shady
Intoxicated on your presence like I was drinking my Bailey’s 
My eyes weren’t wandering around for other ladies
I wanted to be the Peter to your Katie
But I was too busy putting on a show like Kevin Spacey
You are still a turner like Lacey
With more class than the average Lindsey or Stacey
Beating all kinds of class like a Mercedes
It was totally me that fucked up
The chance was right there and I completely pissed it up as well as mucked up
I should’ve been the man to have had my ideas bucked up
What’s the point of getting my coat?
Knowing fully well that I’ve missed the boat?
My peers would usually just kick back and gloat
Calling me a total arse-clown and a dumb goat
Hearing your voice in my head will always sound sweet like a music note
Making me want to clear my throat
You and I could have been the UK’s answer to Will and Jada
With a life more crazier than the Slaters
I would’ve done anything for you including the cleaning as well as to cater
We could raised our middle fingers to a particular hater
Because Limara you are (to me) a woman that’s totally beyond greater
Shredding the other ladies away like a cheese grater
I would have attended to your every need and want like a waiter
Anything to make you feel happy, auspicious, relevant and pater
My feelings for you were totally beyond major
All these emotions I’m having are rising up like some bread in the bakers
You are a unique brand of woman as well as a different type of flavour
I should’ve given you my number and all my other contact data
I could’ve just scribbled down my emotions and affections for you down on a piece of paper
I am so sorry for being an idiot and for playing with the persona of a player
Now I’m sitting here with a glass of brandy getting all cut up like a razor
Spinning around in circles in a park like a cyclist or a skater
In a swift moment of madness like my name was Taylor
Now I’m all hazy and jaded
Thinking about how we could have been like Victoria and David
My head’s feeling super-tight as if it’s just been braided
I’m exposing my feelings for you into the open… Naked
The thoughts of you, your voice and smile never ever faded
Still reminiscent of you as I’m listening to Craig David
I’m forever blown away by your unique style and grace
I get turned on by the smile that’s always on your face
Wishing and hoping to myself that you always leave behind a trace
Your beauty and pulchritude always puts you ahead of the race
Causing me to forever hold myself like a brace
I’m pretty sure that the other ladies should be watching your space
With all the hot-blooded males all up on your case 
So much for wanting to do the dirty dance
When in reality I’ve totally missed my chance
Just remember this— your prettiness will always hold me in a trance
Which makes me want to break into a mad type of prance
As ever Limara— you always have me standing tall like a soldier’s stance
Causing me to make a storm like Lance
We would’ve looked good together
Surviving all types of weather 
Whilst we’re watching EastEnders or Birds Of a Feather
I would have had your side whenever and wherever
We could have been that couple 
Snuggling up with every cuddle
With your face against my stubble
In our own utopia without any trouble
Swanning away in our own bubble

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “JUICED”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)



2Pac Shakur & The Notorious B.I.G. (The Best From The West & The Beast From The East)

Two of the most iconic poetic storytellers
Both of them are as iconic as the Goodfellas
Their lyrical content were as ruthless as Jerry Heller
As they both took the rap world and spun it like a propeller
They both gave it a sense of danger and terror
Battling it out as to which rapper was better
The pair of them were pushing it real good like Salt n Pepa
It was all about making that cheddar
2Pac told the story— Biggie LIVED the story
Their friendship was cool and towards the end it became stormy
To the point that it ended their lives in a manner so gory
The timing was bad considering that they were on top of their glory
It’s sad to realise that their beef was born out of nonsense
About as farcical as what those racist killers did to Stephen Lawrence
I’m always looking at the both angles and contexts
To how the beef kicked off— making it completely complex
As a fan of rap music I wanted the rap beef to be compressed
This beef was like a WWE wrestling contest
Trying to fry each other out like a couple of omelettes
While the media exacerbate the situation like a bunch of rats from the projects
With the most poorest aims, goals and prospects
Like I said— this beef was born out of nonsense
Which now has their deaths on someone’s conscience
Their untimely (and similarly-styled) passing made us all conscious
It made non-rap lovers develop a fondness
And study them religiously like nuns in their convents
Biggie was the RAP ICON whereas 2Pac was the CULTURAL ICON
Both of them had the smoothness with the ladies like nylon
These two were real homeboys without the need to get their fight on
They had each other’s back like the towers of a pylon
Back in the 90s they were already living legends
Unfortunately their careers were cut short in a hot second
We can’t talk about rap music without having their names mentioned
Since those two have gone— the whole rap game has become deadened
At a time when both East and West Coast were dependent
On their main stars before the ill-feelings had other people questioned
In hindsight both coasts had each other terrified and threatened
This moment of Hip-Hop was considered to be unpleasant
It’s so sad to see that their deaths were a result of miscommunication
Everybody chipping in with their fuel to add to the fire of misinformation
Which caused their untimely deaths due to the misinterpretation
To this day people are pissed off with the ‘facts’ and the misrepresentation
When Pac and Biggie died— Hip-Hop died with them
Their deaths affected all men, children and women
We love 2Pac for songs, performances and his words of wisdom
Everybody felt the impact of his words and his passion for a positive vision
I will give props to Biggie for being a damn good lyricist
Everybody from the East Coast were on his arse like a fetishist
Some say that he was just a bloody narcissist
And didn’t have the brains to be a strategist
Both of these rappers were similar both on and off stage
With a lot of lyrical prowess and talent for their age
Their characters and personas couldn’t be supressed like prisoners in a cage
This coastal rivalry should have never been waged
Ever since their passing— we’re still not making changes
We’re just aimlessly partying and bullshitting with no-marks and strangers
God bless those dead rappers resting in peace with their exchanges
Whilst we’re down here enjoying their music with a feeling so contagious
These two rappers are STILL the biggest names in the game
They’re no longer here with us and that alone is a damn shame

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “JUICED”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


Love, Peace & My Rhymebook

Amidst these tough times and situations
I’m always carrying my rhymebook for my mental stimulation
My pen and my rhymebook carries no stipulations
It calms me down during my trials and tribulations
When I’m writing it restores my peace and harmony
No-one can snatch away my thoughts like it was grand larceny
I use my words like they were weapons coming from an armoury
Rest in peace and in paradise to my friend Marjorie
Who always used to write poems so heartily
Always nailing down the perfect rhyme as if it was carpentry
This poem is for you on behalf of our company Varsity
We will quack away for you like a garganey!
It’s a release for me whenever I pen down my tribulations
So that I don’t wear myself away like an annoying trituration
Keeping myself chilled and cool like refrigeration
As well as keeping people on edge with my innuendos and insinuations
I love it when my poems take shape and figuration
Watching myself read my poems and give in like a capitulation
I often smile to myself sometimes
Whenever I’m reading or writing these fun rhymes
My rhymebook stays close to me like a bloodline
I’ll be the type to write from sundown to sunshine
I get excited like a player who scores on the touchline
Every line that I write keeps me filled like my lunchtime
The remedial treatment I get from writing makes me unwind
Spending time with my rhymebook creates an aura of tranquillity
Penning down my thoughts like an old age antiquity
Writing down my life away gives me a sense of flaccidity
My rhymebook keeps me on lock like a modern-day captivity
I often hate the route of the fake world of plasticity
The love and peace from my rhymebook gives me stability
To educate as well as to touch people and reach out
My rhymes will hit you so hard that you’ll be spitting your teeth out!
In a nutshell my rhymebook and its rhymes puts me at ease
The kind of ease that’ll easily fill you with peace
My poems brings me all types of love, peace and happiness
The complete antithesis of hate, chaos and ghastliness
Sometimes the stuff I write may contain a high level of nastiness
Even critics saying that I’m the worst case of manliness!
I just LOVE picking up my paws
To pick up my pen and write without a pause
Thinking of ways to obliterate poetry laws
As well as to continue to yap away my jaws!
It’s just me, myself and my rhymebook
Staying married together like criminal activity to a fine crook
With my poetry keeping me mildly sane
At the same time my rhymebook with its rhymes erodes my pain
I feel levitated like my name was David Blaine
These words here will come down on me like it was rain
Keeping me sweet like sugar cane
Blowing the bloody doors off like Sir Michael Caine
But trying to keep a level of elegance like Lois Lane
Making sure that my lyrics has a certain richness of Mayfair and Park Lane
My rhymebook keeps me comfortable like Babyface and Lil’ Wayne
And at times it keeps me sprung like my name was T-Pain!

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “The Olivierrean Experience”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)

I Love You René Olivierre. . .

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I Love, Want & Need You… René Olivierre

The second I laid my eyes on you
I just wanted to slap a bowl of nice on you
You make me wanna stay on ice for you
Wear some of that blinging ice for you
As well as to rub some ice for you
My emotions are going through the skies above
Because for you this is MORE than just love
It’s these emotions for you that I simply can’t shove
We really are the perfect fit like a hand in a glove
René— I already worship you, adore you and appreciate you
I would never in a billion years go out of my way to depreciate you
Whatever stresses you have— I will do my best to relieve and alleviate 
But what I have for you is special so let’s bend the rules and deviate
You and I are a 50/50 deal without the immediate need to mediate
I want you to see me as the only woman for you and not another affiliate
This thing that I have for you is a total enchantment
It’s a serious as the ten commandments
Whenever I’m with you in this fancy apartment
I have no reason to wonder where my heart went
Right now it’s safe to say that you are MORE than wanted
Even when I drugged and captured you— I initially felt that we bonded
The thought of us being a proper couple must’ve daunted 
You and your thoughts— the vision alone must’ve had you haunted
I’ll have you with me all the time with our PDA all prated and vaunted
With a man like you my love? Your sexiness? I’d flaunt it
I would no more be that woman who was constantly taunted
You and I would make love to each other until we’re exhausted
I’ll be that devoted woman that’ll make sure that you’re more than sorted
Oh René you are all that I want and need
It’ll be your love that I bleed 
It’s your sexy mouth I want to feed
I want you and YOU alone inside of me in order to breed
My heartbeat’s pounding harder than a stampede
I don’t take kind to people who don’t wanna take heed
Of my love for you— they’re too quick to misread
Baby I would never deceive you or go down that route to Mislead
I would protect you from dirty pools, infringements and misdeeds
As well as from that nosy bitch Miss Tweed
You are my man René— I would never hinder you or impede
I need you so much, I’ve got so much undying love for you indeed
You are totally a piece of sexual attraction
Every time I see you my thighs and my middle make a sensual reaction
However I do want to be your main distraction
I don’t care if everyone knows about us like a diffraction
And quite frankly I don’t give a monkeys about whether they wanna take action
Let those insane jackass-fools pop off with their rifle mouths like an assassin
You can call me the exotic fruit with loads of passion
I need you baby because you saved me from being dull, anemic and ashen
Plus— I love your old-school views as they’re from the heart and old-fashioned
You are totally a sight for my sore eyes
The coolest thing I’ve seen like a glass tanked with ice
You are the peas to my rice
Truly a cut above the rest of those guys
I’m always heated over you like a row of meat pies
For a young like yourself— you seem pretty wise
That is why I need you in my life
Let me be your wife

Copyright © 2013, 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “A Beautiful Intoxication: Poetic Accounts of Seduction, Power, Sexual Desires & Craves As Well As Deep Addictive Attraction To One Another”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)

What A Sweet Sound You Make…

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The Sound Of Your Voice

Whenever I hear your voice
It makes me want to rejoice
As we make love in a Rolls-Royce
Making me feel good that you’re my support and joist
I love the sound that comes from your mouth
As you run your hands down South
During conversations when you talk
It brings a sexual sensation when you talk
This might sound absurd
But I love listening to your every word
Every word coming from you sounds light like a bird
You’re funny whenever your speech gets slurred
It sounds mottled as well as stirred
It reminds me of someone’s vision being blurred
Not one word from you goes unheard
As it flitters like a mockingbird
Or even better like a hummingbird
Especially as I’m humming words
With sexiness and attitude
As well as with sheer gratitude
Whilst I’m running to catch a tube
Every word that you speak speaks magnitude
The sound of your voice is full of latitude
Your demeanour is beyond outrageous
As well as contagious
When you talk I get wild, randy and ostentatious
When you talk it sounds rich and gracious

Copyright © 2012 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “EXPOSED”); written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)

You Are ALL Beautiful!

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2014-12-21 01.02.45

I Can Bloody Well Stare At You For Hours (An Ode To ALL The Non-Confident Women Out There)

I can bloody well stare at you for hours
You always get me randy like Austin Powers
Your hour-glass body has a lot of sex appeal
The beauty is amazing and these feelings are surreal
My heart is racing and panicking
As you stand so straight like a mannequin
With the sexiness of my ex-girlfriend Madeleine
I just want to play sweet music with you like a mandolin
You’ve got me feeling waxy like lanolin
You’d be the girl I’d wanna dabble in
As I spear into you like javelin
I’m catching bittersweet symphonies like The Verve
I feel like a million different people when watching your curves
Staring at you really tickles my nerves
You got me feeling kind of goofy like a bunch of nerds
You look finer than diamonds and pearls
A rare combination like a lion with pearls
I can stare at your body for days, months and years
You’ve got a body that could move a guy to tears
You’ve got the sexiness to convert all queers
And to keep us clean-cut like garden shears
You know that you’re the envy of all your peers
All my lads are screaming out nothing but cheers
Perverted pricks are giving you lecherous leers
Horny bastards getting fizzed up like beers
I’m highly aroused by your hourglass figure
Which makes the other women sit there looking bitter
With a bitter taste in their mouths like a glass of liquor
Your body makes us lads stand to attention like Hitler
It has that sexiness that most women can’t mirror
I’ve never seen a booty look so rounded and thicker
Since those strippers with more meat than chicken dippers
Oh my days you are the perfect conceptual
Every man thinks you’re sexual
I’m sure that every touch you do feels sensual
A woman like you is also authoritative and effectual
Behind the beauty as well as the booty— I’m sure that you’re an intellectual
That body of yours speaks volumes of edginess
As well as supreme and extreme sexiness
You are the real deal with a body of healthiness
With the look in your eyes which speaks sexual deadliness
Part of me thinks the bitchiness is hilarious
I can understand why women are pissed up with pettiness
Ma’am—you are every man’s dream in the flesh
All these sexual thoughts got me all dirty—I’m due to hold a fresh!
I just want you in my presence all day long
Standing there until I’m going hard like a wooden oblong
This must sound wrong right?
But I’ll stay here with you all day and all night
I can bloody well stare at you for hours
You always get me randy like Austin Powers
I’m hitting the peak like towers
You always keep me sweet like a bed of flowers

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “JUICED”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)