Giving You My Love, Peace… But NOT My Rhymebook!

Posted: February 9, 2015 in Uncategorized


Love, Peace & My Rhymebook

Amidst these tough times and situations
I’m always carrying my rhymebook for my mental stimulation
My pen and my rhymebook carries no stipulations
It calms me down during my trials and tribulations
When I’m writing it restores my peace and harmony
No-one can snatch away my thoughts like it was grand larceny
I use my words like they were weapons coming from an armoury
Rest in peace and in paradise to my friend Marjorie
Who always used to write poems so heartily
Always nailing down the perfect rhyme as if it was carpentry
This poem is for you on behalf of our company Varsity
We will quack away for you like a garganey!
It’s a release for me whenever I pen down my tribulations
So that I don’t wear myself away like an annoying trituration
Keeping myself chilled and cool like refrigeration
As well as keeping people on edge with my innuendos and insinuations
I love it when my poems take shape and figuration
Watching myself read my poems and give in like a capitulation
I often smile to myself sometimes
Whenever I’m reading or writing these fun rhymes
My rhymebook stays close to me like a bloodline
I’ll be the type to write from sundown to sunshine
I get excited like a player who scores on the touchline
Every line that I write keeps me filled like my lunchtime
The remedial treatment I get from writing makes me unwind
Spending time with my rhymebook creates an aura of tranquillity
Penning down my thoughts like an old age antiquity
Writing down my life away gives me a sense of flaccidity
My rhymebook keeps me on lock like a modern-day captivity
I often hate the route of the fake world of plasticity
The love and peace from my rhymebook gives me stability
To educate as well as to touch people and reach out
My rhymes will hit you so hard that you’ll be spitting your teeth out!
In a nutshell my rhymebook and its rhymes puts me at ease
The kind of ease that’ll easily fill you with peace
My poems brings me all types of love, peace and happiness
The complete antithesis of hate, chaos and ghastliness
Sometimes the stuff I write may contain a high level of nastiness
Even critics saying that I’m the worst case of manliness!
I just LOVE picking up my paws
To pick up my pen and write without a pause
Thinking of ways to obliterate poetry laws
As well as to continue to yap away my jaws!
It’s just me, myself and my rhymebook
Staying married together like criminal activity to a fine crook
With my poetry keeping me mildly sane
At the same time my rhymebook with its rhymes erodes my pain
I feel levitated like my name was David Blaine
These words here will come down on me like it was rain
Keeping me sweet like sugar cane
Blowing the bloody doors off like Sir Michael Caine
But trying to keep a level of elegance like Lois Lane
Making sure that my lyrics has a certain richness of Mayfair and Park Lane
My rhymebook keeps me comfortable like Babyface and Lil’ Wayne
And at times it keeps me sprung like my name was T-Pain!

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “The Olivierrean Experience”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


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