The Best From The West & The Beast From The East

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2Pac Shakur & The Notorious B.I.G. (The Best From The West & The Beast From The East)

Two of the most iconic poetic storytellers
Both of them are as iconic as the Goodfellas
Their lyrical content were as ruthless as Jerry Heller
As they both took the rap world and spun it like a propeller
They both gave it a sense of danger and terror
Battling it out as to which rapper was better
The pair of them were pushing it real good like Salt n Pepa
It was all about making that cheddar
2Pac told the story— Biggie LIVED the story
Their friendship was cool and towards the end it became stormy
To the point that it ended their lives in a manner so gory
The timing was bad considering that they were on top of their glory
It’s sad to realise that their beef was born out of nonsense
About as farcical as what those racist killers did to Stephen Lawrence
I’m always looking at the both angles and contexts
To how the beef kicked off— making it completely complex
As a fan of rap music I wanted the rap beef to be compressed
This beef was like a WWE wrestling contest
Trying to fry each other out like a couple of omelettes
While the media exacerbate the situation like a bunch of rats from the projects
With the most poorest aims, goals and prospects
Like I said— this beef was born out of nonsense
Which now has their deaths on someone’s conscience
Their untimely (and similarly-styled) passing made us all conscious
It made non-rap lovers develop a fondness
And study them religiously like nuns in their convents
Biggie was the RAP ICON whereas 2Pac was the CULTURAL ICON
Both of them had the smoothness with the ladies like nylon
These two were real homeboys without the need to get their fight on
They had each other’s back like the towers of a pylon
Back in the 90s they were already living legends
Unfortunately their careers were cut short in a hot second
We can’t talk about rap music without having their names mentioned
Since those two have gone— the whole rap game has become deadened
At a time when both East and West Coast were dependent
On their main stars before the ill-feelings had other people questioned
In hindsight both coasts had each other terrified and threatened
This moment of Hip-Hop was considered to be unpleasant
It’s so sad to see that their deaths were a result of miscommunication
Everybody chipping in with their fuel to add to the fire of misinformation
Which caused their untimely deaths due to the misinterpretation
To this day people are pissed off with the ‘facts’ and the misrepresentation
When Pac and Biggie died— Hip-Hop died with them
Their deaths affected all men, children and women
We love 2Pac for songs, performances and his words of wisdom
Everybody felt the impact of his words and his passion for a positive vision
I will give props to Biggie for being a damn good lyricist
Everybody from the East Coast were on his arse like a fetishist
Some say that he was just a bloody narcissist
And didn’t have the brains to be a strategist
Both of these rappers were similar both on and off stage
With a lot of lyrical prowess and talent for their age
Their characters and personas couldn’t be supressed like prisoners in a cage
This coastal rivalry should have never been waged
Ever since their passing— we’re still not making changes
We’re just aimlessly partying and bullshitting with no-marks and strangers
God bless those dead rappers resting in peace with their exchanges
Whilst we’re down here enjoying their music with a feeling so contagious
These two rappers are STILL the biggest names in the game
They’re no longer here with us and that alone is a damn shame

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “JUICED”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


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