We Could’ve Been That Something Special Limara. . .

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Miss Limara — We Could Have Been That Couple

I’m kicking myself and I’m going crazy
Knowing that you were the Beyoncé to my Jay-Z
We could have been doing the dirty dance like Jennifer Grey & Patrick Swayze
Now that I’m reminiscing about you— I’m feeling all dazed and hazy
I’m set adrift on memory bliss of you looking prettier than a daisy
To this day I still consider you as one hot lady
It’s just a damn shame that you’re not MY lady
Oh damn Limara! You were one lady that was beyond racy
Even when we were in school uniform you looked tasty
Tastier than a crumbly chicken pastry
Leaving me all famished and pasty
I would often watch you go to lessons on a daily
Making myself arrive late to my classes insanely
I would often fantasize about you as my black Karren Brady
Dancing to Janet Jackson’s “What Have You Done For Me Lately?”
As I was stuffing my face with M&M’s like a real Slim Shady
Intoxicated on your presence like I was drinking my Bailey’s 
My eyes weren’t wandering around for other ladies
I wanted to be the Peter to your Katie
But I was too busy putting on a show like Kevin Spacey
You are still a turner like Lacey
With more class than the average Lindsey or Stacey
Beating all kinds of class like a Mercedes
It was totally me that fucked up
The chance was right there and I completely pissed it up as well as mucked up
I should’ve been the man to have had my ideas bucked up
What’s the point of getting my coat?
Knowing fully well that I’ve missed the boat?
My peers would usually just kick back and gloat
Calling me a total arse-clown and a dumb goat
Hearing your voice in my head will always sound sweet like a music note
Making me want to clear my throat
You and I could have been the UK’s answer to Will and Jada
With a life more crazier than the Slaters
I would’ve done anything for you including the cleaning as well as to cater
We could raised our middle fingers to a particular hater
Because Limara you are (to me) a woman that’s totally beyond greater
Shredding the other ladies away like a cheese grater
I would have attended to your every need and want like a waiter
Anything to make you feel happy, auspicious, relevant and pater
My feelings for you were totally beyond major
All these emotions I’m having are rising up like some bread in the bakers
You are a unique brand of woman as well as a different type of flavour
I should’ve given you my number and all my other contact data
I could’ve just scribbled down my emotions and affections for you down on a piece of paper
I am so sorry for being an idiot and for playing with the persona of a player
Now I’m sitting here with a glass of brandy getting all cut up like a razor
Spinning around in circles in a park like a cyclist or a skater
In a swift moment of madness like my name was Taylor
Now I’m all hazy and jaded
Thinking about how we could have been like Victoria and David
My head’s feeling super-tight as if it’s just been braided
I’m exposing my feelings for you into the open… Naked
The thoughts of you, your voice and smile never ever faded
Still reminiscent of you as I’m listening to Craig David
I’m forever blown away by your unique style and grace
I get turned on by the smile that’s always on your face
Wishing and hoping to myself that you always leave behind a trace
Your beauty and pulchritude always puts you ahead of the race
Causing me to forever hold myself like a brace
I’m pretty sure that the other ladies should be watching your space
With all the hot-blooded males all up on your case 
So much for wanting to do the dirty dance
When in reality I’ve totally missed my chance
Just remember this— your prettiness will always hold me in a trance
Which makes me want to break into a mad type of prance
As ever Limara— you always have me standing tall like a soldier’s stance
Causing me to make a storm like Lance
We would’ve looked good together
Surviving all types of weather 
Whilst we’re watching EastEnders or Birds Of a Feather
I would have had your side whenever and wherever
We could have been that couple 
Snuggling up with every cuddle
With your face against my stubble
In our own utopia without any trouble
Swanning away in our own bubble

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “JUICED”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


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