Jay-Hova vs. Nas Escobar: New York’s Finest Pair

Posted: March 6, 2015 in Uncategorized


Jay-Z vs. Nas— Brooklyn’s Finest & The Queensbridge Poet

Before these two were all laughs, smiles and jokes
These two were against each other with their verbal punches and chokes
Both of them were battling for the crown of King of New York
With their own styles and ideas of the new talk
Trading insults and mocking each other
Instead of looking up to one another like a brother
This tedious tirade happening in the name of Hip-Hop
Trying to differentiate themselves from the bullshit Hip-Pop
Their diss tracks kept us full up like food from the chip shop
It was a reminiscent of watching the beef between Pac and Biggie
When 2pac dissed him hard by calling him Piggy
I remember Jay going hard on Nas
Trying to smash his own lyrics on him like a pint glass
Messing him up and tearing him up a new arse
As well as taking him back to class
Nas on the other hand
Was like the real brother from the American motherland
However, he proper gunned down Jay-Z like another man
Would do if he was coming at him like a runner man
From New York to Los Angeles to San Francisco
Everybody heard Nas calling him the rapping version of Sisqo
Making other rappers listen in shock as if they’ve smelt a fishy piece of cisco
Watching Jay-Z looking and feeling like an exposed window
Like he’s lost the balls to boogie out in a disco
The Jigga-Man sampling Nas’s voice in his song Dead Presidents
Both of these rappers rightfully earned their precedence
These two wordsmiths definitely rose to eminence
You can tell these two were battling it out for the excellence
With this rap beef—trying to stomp each other out like elephants
They’re now all grown up with style and elegance
They’ve given us the best beef since 2Pac and Biggie
They both know that this beef was not going to go borderline silly
In a rap game full of big willies
Where at times the beef can get chilly
Keeping the competition hungry like it was nitty-gritty
God’s Son vs. God Hova was the battle of New York’s Big Willie
This beef was the real deal
Something that the whole of New York can feel
Both Jay-Z and Nas were tearing strips off each other like orange peel
This beef taught these two to stay tough, hardened and annealed
Instead of fart-arsing around and spinning around like a cartwheel
I can honestly say that these two rappers are truly a big deal
It was like watching peace being made by Phil Mitchell and Ian Beale
I’m totally elated that these two made the peace
And that they can sit at the same table and have a feast
Standing side by side as Hip-Hop Kings of The East
Without their blood spilling into the streets
Both of these rappers are full of bigness
Simply because they are the business
Graduated from being the Hip-Hop whiz-kids
With their gritty rap lyrics mixed with slickness
I hope that these two do remain all smiles and giggles
Keeping each other sweet like a packet of Skittles

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “The Olivierrean Experience”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


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