Loving The Copious Amounts of Jewellery Here!

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Show Some Love To Your Jewellery (Part II)

Let me come at this from a different angle
I sincerely love those people who wear loads of bangles
Even if they do sound like a band of jangles
It’s all about the necklaces making your neck dangle
Idiots would envy over someone else’s things and then want to wrangle
To the point of fists flying and the threat of a strangle
Over some expensive diamond bangle
That does more to people other than to decorate and spangle
I love my jewellery but I won’t risk getting my arse mangled
Over some stupidity that I can’t untangle
Let’s give some props to this lady 
Who people might think is a little bit zany
Hey! Call me crazy
But her jewellery has the superstar quality of a Mercedes
With a sheer class like a glass of Baileys
Fruity and colourful like a bottle of Oasis
Let’s face it— this jewellery Epidemic awaits us
Her beads are looking fresh like new-born babies
Looking like M&M’s— sweeter than Slim Shady
She’s like me— a right beads fanatic
Whatever people may think of her, she looks fantastic
I love how her beads are more stretchy like elastic
Like me— she’s more than enthusiastic
About her beads like an old-school romantic
Some people would say that we’re all saddos 
And that our lives are pathetically tragic
Thinking that we’re unbelievably spastic
I love beads simply because they’re organic
I love my huge quantity because they make me feel ecstatic
Even if people think that I look strange and manic
I’m not a street preacher but I feel like a design for life
I would say this to my beautiful queen and my future wife
Going back to this woman with the colourful jewellery
I just love the way she wears them so beautifully
Looking as eye-catching as the Queen’s Jubilee
Not giving a toss about the others and their tomfoolery 
It’s like watching a human rainbow
With the brightness of a flame-throw
I shut off to those who think that we’re a bunch of weirdos
My aim really is to be a unique brand of hero
To jewellery lovers who feel like a right zero
Making ourselves look like right legends like Beroe
We could all look like love children of Mr. T and Carmen Miranda
Rocking our finest jewellery whilst we’re perched on a veranda
Looking like we’re spreading our own creative propaganda
Swanning around like a blast from the past type of memoranda
From Camden Town, Canning Town to the ever-so-colourful Atlanta
We’ll be causing curves in the ‘Fashion Circuit’ like a meander
I’ll be forever wearing my beads with my dark blue Chucks
Not giving a damn and two fucks
To those who don’t like it— that’s too tough
Personally I’d tell you all to do one!
Jewellery looks really cool when worn in copious amounts
Even if it costs a lot— Rest in peace to your bank accounts!
It looks good on Miss Miranda and Mr. T
As well as myself, Slick Rick and P.M. Dawn’s Prince Be
With all this jewellery it’s got to be hard to miss me!
I’m rocking all my beads like it’s going out of fashion
The necklaces, the bracelets with the shells worn with passion
As well as with the breeze in my hair in self-satisfaction
Leaving the nay-sayers looking all colourless and ashen
Us jewellery lovers have the confidence that the others have no fraction
Of wearing our fancy adornments— as ever looking like a tourist attraction
It takes love and commitment to wear all of this jewellery
Without the added pressure from nay-sayers spouting their tomfoolery

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “The Olivierrean Experience”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


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