Good Girl Gone Bad…

Posted: June 11, 2015 in Uncategorized


Rihanna— Good Girl Definitely Gone Bad 

It makes me sad 
That a good girl has gone bad
This woman has become the total badass
With her sexy black ass
And her fierce model features
Making her look like all fierce creatures
All the guys are praising her like bishops and preachers
She’s giving lessons on new age sexiness like bitches and teachers
Hot-stepping to the stage like a pair of sneakers
With her voice blaring through bass-sounding speakers
Watching her sexy body giving me chills like a freezer
Constantly begging for a breather
As her arse gets men on a high like a stick of reefer
Going all black and yellow like Wiz Khalifa
Women are screaming out “Baby ooooooh” like Justin Bieber
Haters are chipping away at her like a damn beaver
But she’s chopping at them bitches like a cleaver
Like pieces of meat on the hope that they’d moved off and leave her
Everybody knows that this singer is a teaser
With her smooth brown skin with a crunch like Maltesers
She brings lots of heat to the media like central heaters
To the point that young ones are making noise like drug dealers
Young boys are blowing their loads in gallons and litres
As she swans with the WWE Diva appeal like Trish Stratus and Lita
At first she was a natural woman like Anita
Homosexual fans say that she’s simply the best thing since Tina
They never want to let her go as if her name was Tina
Her presence melts out all the people at any arena 
Wearing next to nothing like a stripper or a streaker
Acting extra loyal towards her like a golden retriever
To the point that they’re having a good old seizure
Struggling for a bloody breather
There’s a lot of haters, non-believers and under-achievers
They see Rihanna as a fiery cannonball like The Breeders
Anti-Rihanna people were begging her fans to stop her music
As they find her music rather tacky and abusive
To their ears and they see her as odd and confusing
Me personally— I find this woman rather amusing
Rihanna’s the type of woman to start her own movement
Using her sexuality as an incentive and her inducement
Her body keeps all the guys alert and illumined
Jealous women are gassing on her— trying to get her polluted
Just because her long legs are seen to be the smoothest
She does however behave like she’s the loosest
Woman around with no bloody scruples
Looking like a tart who’s careless and imprudent
She’s swanning around like the only girl in the world
With sexually suggestive dance moves every time that she whirled
In her own sense of disturbia better known as her little underworld
This woman is like an open book whenever she unfolded and unfurled
Madame Fenty is what you call a woman who’s symbolic and emblematic
The kind of woman others would call problematic
Take a bow Rihanna— you’ve done the world of pop music a great service
I see how you’ve got your competition shitting themselves all nervous
Worldwide fans of hers are hanging on to all her verses
She’s causing an uproar in the fashion world like a circus
Her raunchiness keeps men heated up like a furnace
That’s why everybody feels more than good at her emergence
Oh my days at this woman because she’s kinky
This good girl has gone bad for sure— with a body that’s so graceful and slinky

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “JUICED”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


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