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Black Sporting Legends

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My Black Sporting Heroes

Before the likes of Usain Bolt and Jessica Ennis
We need to pay respect to the black hero of tennis
The legendary spirit that is Arthur Ashe
The first black man to have the tennis game on smash
Despite all the racism and the bollocks against him
He still had the crowds and the critics in amazement
It was him who paved the way for the Williams sisters
The finest sporting black women with the nicest figures
I’ve lost count on my fingers
On how many times those two were victors
In their high-profile games
Putting all their competitors to shame
As well as putting them in a different kind of flame
These two lionesses are a little harder to tame
The jazzy smooth and sophisticated Sugar Ray Robinson
Who ran the middleweight division with a fresh lease of oxygen
Winning the championship FIVE TIMES makes him a certified legend
Leaving the likes of Randolph Turpin and Bobo Olson all threatened
For all that he’s done for boxing— he deserves a mention
His whole presence in boxing was the epitome of effervescent
When it comes to the boxing world— this man is the ultimate sunshine
Not only was he a good boxer but he was also a good rhymer
Hence why this boxing giant’s called the biggest all-timer
Making the majority of other boxers look like minors
As he definitely put the work in like hardworking miners
Like the way he gave Joe Frazier a 1975 heavy shiner
Ladies love him because he was a total sublimer
Middle finger to all the haters and the whiners
Totally loved his jokes, poems and his witty one-liners
Some more mad love to Venus and Serena
They’re a different type of Williams sisters to Anna and Nina
Both of those ladies are sweet like Ribena
But on the court they are meaner than meaner
Filling out all arenas like their names were Tina
Remaining with the poise and elegance of a ballerina
I love how these two have the fierceness of Xena
Having their haters running around like a mad bunch of hyenas
I will always love the long jumper Jade Johnson
She still has the sexiness of Beverly Johnson
This woman was running the shit out of the Commonwealth
Everything about her was just the picture of good health
Let’s give a shout-out to Michael Jordan and LeBron James
Who both became stars in their high-profile basketball games
Putting their competition in flames
Like Bryant, Rodman, O’Neal and all the other big names
On track and field no one does it better than FloJo
Having her fellow runners feeling like ‘Oh No!’
She brought style and finesse as well as glamour
Nailing her critics to the ground like a hammer
I’m lost for words like a kid with a stammer
And I’m sure Usain got his bolt by studying her like a crammer
I’ve got love for my Brits Lewis, Eubank, Benn and Bruno
These four hardmen were kicking arses like a game of Judo
I am in awe of my black sporting heroes
They all inspire me to become a somebody— not a zero

Copyright © 2014, 2015 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “The Olivierrean Experience”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)



Pharrell Williams 

Let’s show some to Mr. Pharrell Williams
For making the best music for the millions
Fuck all the haters and the reptilians
Who show a colour of hate and vermilion
If his collaborations with Snoop Dogg could prove anything
To the pricks who said he couldn’t jam with any man
Pharrell has his own style and swagger
That’s what got him the Rolling Stone’s Jade Jagger
The lady-killer— piercing girl’s hearts like a dagger
Even myself couldn’t help but laugh and stagger
Apart from that— he is the frontman of N*E*R*D*
An acronym for No-one Ever Really Dies— that’s smart P!
He’s what you call the man with the midas touch
Anything that he touched with slightest such
As music and modelling and also the clothing lines
Went on to rake successes for him to boast them times
He makes the girls all wet and gooey like jelly
When he takes his top off— there’s butterflies in their bellies
He’s what you call a musical all-rounder
Let’s not forget that he is the BBC co-founder
Billionaire Boys Club clothes line that is
His designs on trainers and clothes are the phattest
The tattoos on his arms were unique and intricate
Like the tattoos on his arms— he’s known for being intimate
From Jay-Z to Snoop Dogg to Gwen Stefani
His falsetto vocals on tracks sound soothingly sweet like honey
His other moniker to the world— Skateboard P. 
Is the reason why he’s known as a skateboard G
To all the wankers and all the cock-suckers
Pharrell Williams is the best producer of all time— motherfuckers!

Copyright © 2010 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “Artistry—The HeART of a Conscious Poet”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


(Fine Ass Girls Going Over The Top)

I feel it for the guys who get told to back off
By those fine-ass women with the curves and a backoff
Sometimes these girls can take things a little too far
By linking up with guys just because they possess a car
Before they study those guys like a seminar
They want to flaunt their goodies and keep them secure like a jar
Nowadays women care too little about the emotional aspects
Because they’re too busy being tarts by flashing their assets
I’ve seen some arses heavily swollen and big like an abscess
Strutting around like a gold-digger with extensions like an annex
These fine-ass women are going way over the top
Once they pop– there’s no way they were going to stop
Like Pringle’s all they do is show off and mingle
And they get all over like chicken pox and shingles
Going off their heads and doing the Katie Price antics
Getting certain people shook– going over the top frantic
They’re proper trying to play like they’re scholastic and pedantic
Gold-digging tarts are taking the piss without giving the semantics
Men are getting pissed off with them acting like fanatics
Girls like this get lots of complaints from preachers and ecclesiastics
Right now I’d like make friends instead like Amii Stewart
These loopy girls are flipping dippy like air stewards
As they want to turn their noses up like they’re smelling sewage
Most of the gold-digging bitches doing this are students
I’m scratching my beard as I’m writing this poem
Because I’ve absolutely have no idea where this whole thing is going
Teasing men with their sun tan glowing
Stitching them up like my grandmother’s sewing
Like I said—fine-ass girls go way over the top
Some of them are like time-bombs just ready to pop

Copyright © 2010 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “Artistry—The HeART of a Conscious Poet”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


Come On Mate— She’s Taking You For A Right Mug Son!

Oh for goodness sake
I know it’s a bit late
But I’m telling you straight
Because she will turn you into a right state
Open your eyes mate
She’s already running rings round you like a roller skate
This woman is somewhat of an open gate
Always willing to offer it on a plate
A tart like her is never worth the wait
Nor is she worth carrying the weight
She’s jumping from one bloke to the next
All she’s known for is easy sex
Lying back and spreading open her legs
Showing off the smoothness of Grade-A eggs
I’m telling you she’s a curse— call her a hex
It’s not a joke mate and I know it’s complex
To take in that she’s always putting it about for sex
It’s always another bloke that she’s looking to text
I’m not trying to diss her in a manner out of context
Look at her! She looks like a hot mess
You need to rise up
And smell the coffee— WISE UP!
And please dry your eyes up
Because right now she’s getting her thighs up
With various other blokes
Having raw sex and catching jokes
Making you look like a right hoax
Just like the other guys she previously coaxed
I’m trying to save you from looking like another idiot
Looking like the worst of the silliest
Acting all crazy and delirious
Like hormonal women on periods
This woman is the biggest reminder of your ex Lydia
Who was just totally provocative and hideous
I’m surprised to this day that any bloke took her serious
With her car full of crassness and silliness
Now SHE was the epitome of a total idiot
She was thick and yes I’m talking illiterate
It’s you that is totally oblivious
To this raving tart
Who at the end of the day has no heart
Come on mate— where do I start?
She’s riding away with your money like a go-kart
Married to your finances til death do they part
Whilst she’s thinking that she’s Owen Hart
Wrestling for another man
Who has enough money to fund her dreams and plans
You are not part of her plan
She’ll be jumping from David to Dan
If I were in your shoes I’d be fuming
Because she’s blatantly taking the piss like urine
Matey! She’s making you look like a right mug
She’s got you looking worse than a pug
Addicted to her like an antidepressant drug
Whilst she swans off all complacently smug
Leaving you out of pocket and worn-out like a rug
Whilst she’s got you thinking that it’s all bliss
It’s crystal clear that she’s definitely taking the piss
The most you would ever come up to was a kiss
She had no intention of wanting to be your Miss

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “JUICED”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


Can’t We All Fucking Get Along?

Is there something seriously wrong 
As to why we as humans can’t get along?
Everyone’s getting wrapped in this crap like a damn sarong
Singing the same song
Like an annoying folk song
Going on and on
About this bloody racism
I’m sure people are racist as a sense of their own escapism
As well as their sick and twisted sadism
I mean I don’t get it
This racist shit— forget it
We all bleed the same bloody colour
My mate Chris is my brother from another mother
This one goes out to Richard because there ain’t no other
Both of these guys back me all the way through the thunder 
Irrespective of race spiritual path and religion
Why do we pay study this shit like a revision?
It’s consuming you all like a bad addiction
And in addition
To this madness causing to make a collision
Why are we even giving into this like a submission?
If it ain’t about race then it’s a class issue
For fuck’s sake mate pass me a Kleenex tissue
All these haters need a kick up the arse like Jujitsu
I love all people— whether they’re white, Muslim or Hindu
We need to have a chilled approach and just smoke a joint
If you get my point!
Learn to love one another
We’re all sisters and brothers
Showing love to the real Mother
Mother Earth that is
So let’s please dead this madness
And erode any trace of badness
Because all this is doing is creating a huge hole of blackness
I’m not interested in whether you’re a homosexual
Or a oh-no sexual
We’re all humans with a degree of being an intellectual
Don’t ever think that you’re ineffectual
As crazy and unusual as it sounds
Whenever I’m barking away like a Bassett Hound
I’m sick and tired of listening to the likes of the UKIP’s
Standing on their self-righteous pulpit
Spewing out their cleverly-worded racist comments and bullshit
Everyone knows that they’re full of shit
We are all one people
That should also mean that EVERYONE IS EQUAL
We need to stop crushing people down like a beetle
Because this whole is evil
Not to mention the fact that this is faecal
We don’t have to get it on
But I know for damn sure that we can get along
It should be less dissing and more kissing
Less hating and more appreciating
More hugging instead of pure thugging
We need to dead this buffoonery
And eradicate this complete and utter lunacy

Copyright © 2014, 2015 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “JUICED”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)

Razia Ahmed & René Olivierre (194)

What A Powerful Woman You Are Razia

I am in a trance over you
The feelings I have for you are true
I’m bouncing around like a kangaroo
You’re etched on me like a tattoo
It’s all about us like the duo tATu
Like Sade you give me the sweetest taboo
Exploring all these emotions that’s new
To me and you
In a weird way you’re somewhat of a dream
Making me feel like a horny teen
You’re the cherry to my Dreem Teem
My buddy, lover who always cools off my steam
Always wanting and willing to redeem
Your sexuality and sexiness is always a bright gleam
Always looking like the cat who got the cream
With a black-on-black backdrop of a dominatrix theme
I can’t believe that you’re so sexy and compelling
You’re such a turn-on with your urges for rebelling
You are story alone that I would love to keep on retelling
A sexy package like yourself shouldn’t be made for reselling
Of course— you’re a lady not for repelling
As you’re usually coming down on me as if you were rappelling
Miss Razia you are by far the most compelling
Woman— without the need for comparing
My attraction to you is swelling
Even around that time when we had sex
There was no telling with you what would happen next!
Having me as your own personal subject
Fucking me like a shoddy suspect
No one woman should have all this power
Standing tall over me like the Blackpool Tower
Oh my goodness you are the sweet to my sour
Blossoming yourself all over me like a flower
As well as your hand down my trousers
Pounding me hard like a bouncer
Reminding me of a sexually-charged bounder
You’ve got me turned on with your influence
Giving orders to me like an issuance
I’m loving the way you’re so conspicuous
Feeling and touching up every part of my constituents

Copyright © 2013, 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “A Beautiful Intoxication: Poetic Accounts of Seduction, Power, Sexual Desires & Craves As Well As Deep Addictive Attraction To One Another”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)