To The Ladies In My Life…

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A Public Letter To The Ladies In My Life 

To the ladies in my life
The ones that I sought potential to be my wife 
I thank you all for the trouble and strife 
Sharpening me up like a kitchen knife
From zero to five
I remain in the wire that’s live
Damn Limara! She was the peas to my rice
Running through my head like head lice
I could never put a price
On our love as it kept me alive
She will always be my Queen Cleopatra Limara
Keeping my belly full like a spaghetti carbonara 
Lucienne brought me nothing but drama
Causing me more grief than a melodrama
I’m trying to keep it presidential like Mr Obama
As well as humble like President Opara
Despite all of this she rode me like a llama 
Madame Lucienne was extravagant like the Trump Plaza
With enough issues to create her own saga
Caroline Nicholson was the prom queen without the tiara
She’s the type to bring the heat like lava
I felt nascent around her like a larva
Touched by her smooth skin with the coffee richness of Java
I’ve gotta show love for Miss Evangeline
The mother of my princess Madeleine 
A total opposite of a wallflower and a mannequin 
With the exuberance of New York’s Madison 
Ophelia was that woman who rocked sexiness to the maximum 
She’s got more juice than a tangerine
And the power and strength of the Chinese Mandarin
But our relationship was challenging 
There were times when it was blackening 
And there were times when she had me gladdening 
We had some great sexual intercourse
Bringing our own definition of a watercourse
With more splash than water sports
She was turning me hard like broad doors
Reminding me of those whore broads
As we were making more noise than floorboards
She had the supremacy of a warlord 
Damn! She sure was a total forethought 
Oh Miss Rosalyn!
She kept me entertained like Little Miss Jocelyn
Totally had me rocked out of my moccasins 
The epitome of freshness like new oxygen
She had me all lean like Mr Bean
As she paraded her regalia like an African queen
Miss Rosalyn has the face to grace every screen 
She’s had most men feeling like prepubescent teens
I had a lot of laughs from Maxine 
She has the model sexiness for Maxim
Her presence will prick anybody like a vaccine
I remember her having skills in the kitchen like a canteen
Too bad that the relationship didn’t work out
Now I’m reminiscing about her like a burk now!
And then there’s this firecracker Jennifer
She was every inch a predator
With the power of a state senator
But she’s got the party spirit of a reveller
Renée was and still is that girl 
That despite everything still rocks my world
The only woman that can rock a pair of pearls
With the sweetness of a baked cinnamon swirl
And then there’s my dearly beloved Jacqueline
Still on my mind and in my skin like Vaseline 
I miss the sound of her voice like a mandolin 
I’m getting all wax lyrical here— call it Lanolin
Completely devastated that she’s gone to this day
She’s gone to Heaven without me? What more can I say?
The memories I have of us are on a constant replay
Since she passed away nothing has been okay
No matter who I’m with— she will always be my fiancée 
And I would give my life for hers to stay 
To the ladies that have been a major part of me
I just want to say that I love you all wholeheartedly 
And like Spandau Ballet— this much is true
Please stick around for my Part 2

Copyright © 2014, 2015 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “The Olivierrean Experience”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience


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