To The Ladies In My Life… (Part 2)

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A Public Letter To The Ladies In My Life (Part II)

It’s obvious to anyone that I love women
They are more than just shagging dolls and sex kittens
These ladies to me are the best of Britain
All gift-wrapped like a present draped in ribbon
A shout-out to my model friend Paige
A lady with more class than Elaine Page
Even in this day and age
She still has me roaring like a lion in a cage
As well as me popping off like a gauge
Her presence can grace any and every stage
Driving the hot-blooded men into a hypersexual rage
She’s hard to upstage
And there’s Miss Christina
The lady who turned me purple like Ribena
With the popstar appeal of Tina Arena
She’s not your average Sheila
Every Tony would want to have her as their Maria
Simply because she’s a diva
With the sexiness of Dita
And the tastiness of a deep pan pizza
Which brings me neatly onto Nina
The woman with the fitness of John Cena
And the wisdom of Athena
She reminds me of the warrior princess Xena
Nina always had me revved up like a Ford Cortina
Turning me crazy like a damn hyena
This woman kept me heated like a bowl of semolina
A hands-on woman with more sexiness than Rita
There are times when I’m smitten with Sue
Totally stuck on on this woman like glue
She’s the Jamaican Amazonian in the jeggings and Jimmy Choo’s
Her skin’s tasty like a chocolate fondue
She was and still is a beautiful view
With more entertainment value than Vue
I wish she was my boo
Swanning around to Spandau Ballet’s True
I did catch feelings for her like a flu
Because she has Hollywood qualities like Drew and Lucy Liu
Turning me on like a loopy Lou
At one point I was mesmerized by Caroline
This woman had me charged like a battery full of alkaline
Every man wanted her as their Valentine
It’s all eyes on her like a pantomime
To me she is a walking paradise
Blowing off the haters and the parasites
When it comes to sultriness— she’s the paradigm
Proper working her stuff as I fantasize
Without moving a muscle as if I was paralyzed
Flipping hell Christine
I met that woman when she was prim, proper and pristine
Not knowing she is a rock fan from the age of fifteen
Looking like someone going for the Sweet Sixteen
When we made love she made me feel like I was sixteen
Even I turned a bit ditzy
She was another woman who was hands-on and frisky
Always topping up my glass with whiskey
Although she could have been my wife
Me and Christine will always be friends for life
I had my own dirty Diana
An African beauty with the booty of Miss Guyana
She had me wrapped like a bandana
With more class than NeNe in Atlanta
The way she worked it— rang my bell like a campana
She carries herself in a regal manner
The way she walks gets me all hard like a spanner
Everything about Diana is just beautiful
The body alone carries a voluptuous booty full
I loved every bit of her— her personality and her cuticles
That day when we spent together alone in an opulent cubicle
Taking away my troubles and my crucibles
Being the loving caring girlfriend as usual
I really thought that me and her were suitable
And what we had was juicy and fusible
It was all fun and games with this girl Alicia
She made me laugh so hard that I needed a breather
And she was a more chilled out than a freezer
Such a beautiful creature
With all the nicest features
If I was serious about her she would’ve been a keeper
Constantly rubbing my head like a masseuse
With the intention to rub something else of a sheer misuse
Kissing all over my body without a reason or an excuse
Ernesta! The blonde bombshell from Lithuania
When we were going out— she had a high state of nymphomania
From Lithuania to Lusitania
She was a hot woman with the temperature of Mauritania
Lulu Riley was a right performer
Rocking the hairstyle of Dora the Explorer
She would spur me on like a Real Madrid supporter
With the ballsy attitude of Gail Porter
Throwing her boobs in my face
When we were alone in a secluded space
Lulu was all over my case
As her lips and my lips connected like an embrace
I was all that she wanted— the ace to her base
Blinding me with her sexiness like mace
Unbelievably— she gave me more action than Chevy Chase
Bringing me more heat than a fireplace
Lauren Tindall— is she really worth a mention?
Let’s just say that what we had was a lot of tension
She was full of snobbiness and condescension
We always argued like a heavy contention
The sex was rubbish because there was no love and affection
It took me a while to suss out she was full of pretension
Forget cures and remedies— it’s better to have prevention
In a nutshell our relationship had no connection
To all the ladies that I had the pleasure of dating
With the exception of Lauren— you all deserve a top rating
You are all (with the exception of Lauren) amazing
And unlike her you’ve all had me stunned in amazement
Thank you for teaching me in this life journey
And also for putting up with me at my most nerdy!
You are all (with the exception of Lauren) beautiful women
And whatever happens in this life— just keep on winning!

Copyright © 2014, 2015 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “The Olivierrean Experience”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


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