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(Unorthodox Nature Is Quite Unlike Everyone Now Expressing Self Singularity)

To all the dickheads and c***s****rs
Laying back like most motherfuckers
Whilst taking shots at me
Chatting nonsense like a fallacy
My lifestyle’s unorthodox
A poetic equinox
I always admire artistic expression
It creates a unique impression
A unique personality is your only possession
Yes… people are gonna ask questions
About my modes of artistic expressions
I don’t give a damn nor am I stressing
About some bitchy geezer acting like a right Betsy
Putting me to sleep like narcolepsy
Having more fits than hits like epilepsy
Going at me hard and tensely
It probably hurts your mind
That myself and many others are one of a kind
Naysayers will continue to chew us like bacon rind
However I will continue to stay on my grind
The individuals here are beyond a fine design
Whereas the sheeple are all zombified and blind
Although us unique ones are seen to be as wacky as Optimus Prime
We do from time to time like to unwind
Yes I am an outlandish individual
Others would find me irresistible
They say my style is enigmatic and inexplicable
Fools will say it looks inappropriate and inadmissible
It’s a common fact that you can’t please everyone
But I’m not just any old anyone

Am I?

Copyright © 2016 René Olivierre all rights reserved



I Can Be Your Everything & More René #LimaraWorld (Poem 4)

Well now that you’re mine
I can sexually blow your mind
This is me being more than kind
In a nutshell I think WE as a couple are fine
Standing through the test of time
My sexual need for you is sweeter than any rhyme
I can be the lemon to your lime
The love making I’ll be giving you would be considered a crime
With my body in its sexual prime
René I can be your EVERYTHING
And for you I will do anything
You’re the Beenie Man to my Ms Thing
Let’s let ourselves loose on my G-String
Well come on King
Let’s keep it dirty like a fling
And pop off like a PING!
This can be MORE than just a fantasy
But I won’t bullshit you like a fallacy
My body will take you past the moon and the galaxies
Pulling you closer to me like gravity
I’m loving your braveness and gallantry
We can make a lot of magic and alchemy
I can be your Cleopatra Antony
To be that woman that takes away your agony
It’s just me and you in this remotion
With my total love, lust and devotion
All these mad sexual emotions
Are going BOOM like explosions

Copyright © 2016, René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “LimaraWorld”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


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B.E.A.U.T.Y. (Breathtaking Equisiteness Attracting Us To You)

In regards to the women that I’ve dated
And I’m sure that this is something I’ve already stated
But in hindsight I know some women will hate it
That some of the comments I made about other women had me hated
On another note let’s talk about the ladies and their elegance
Examining their uniqueness and eloquence
I’m always blown away by their influence and eminence
As well as their beauty and sexual excellence
My gorgeous woman is full of attractiveness and glamour
Always wanting me to ram her like a hammer
It’s always nice to see ladies out in force like a rammer
With their beauty having me rolling stoned like Mick Jagger
Fresh from the salon looking prim, proper and pampered
Making us men all happy like a bunch of campers
Totally in love with their unique physiques and swagger
Personalities ranging from mild and shy to being a firecracker
I love women so much that it becomes a fascination
This is no joke or a fabrication
Every woman I meet is more than a pretty face
All poised with all that style and grace
I’m in love with their deep-rooted delicacy
I love seeing them grouped like a delegacy
They make us men want to be all gentlemanly
A woman’s beauty captivates me genuinely
Their attractiveness are a huge sense of relevancy
And quite evidently
My sexy lady turns me on when she speaks eloquently

Copyright © 2016 René Olivierre all rights reserved

Oh Midnight Miss Suki…

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When I Was Glued To Posh Spice
(When She was Hot Spice)

Let’s go back to 1996
When I was 8 years old and having 90 fits
Watching 5 hot women
Looking hot and sexy like crushed linen
It was that time when the Spice Girls dominated the 90’s
Topping the charts whilst swanning around nicely
Even when the girls were prancing around in nighties
Say You’ll Be There was the hottest video back in the nineties
I see Posh Spice there looking sexy and lively
In this PVC black all-in-one making me feel euphoric and blithely
The way that PVC outfit caressed her body so tightly
She had my d*** all hard and mighty
I had a huge crush
It was something I had to keep on the hush
She made that black PVC outfit look plush
Making the blood through my body have a sudden rush
Most men tweet about her to this day like a bluebird and a thrush
Whilst the jealous ones smash shit up like a frush
Even the fellas feel the heat like a hot flush
Running their engines like a Route 38 bus
In 1996 she (for me) was the absolute hottie
True to form she always drove me potty
Slithering away in that outfit attracting the good, the bad and the spotty
Midnight Miss Suki kicking arse like karate
Having the majority of boys revved up like a Maserati
She had the body to shame any body
I’m sure Elle MacPherson had to say that she had ‘The Body’
The Moody facial expression to put an end to every hottie
Hotness was what she embodied
Even at 8 years old I was going red like a poppy

Copyright © 2016 René Olivierre all rights reserved