Posted: February 13, 2016 in Uncategorized


B.E.A.U.T.Y. (Breathtaking Equisiteness Attracting Us To You)

In regards to the women that I’ve dated
And I’m sure that this is something I’ve already stated
But in hindsight I know some women will hate it
That some of the comments I made about other women had me hated
On another note let’s talk about the ladies and their elegance
Examining their uniqueness and eloquence
I’m always blown away by their influence and eminence
As well as their beauty and sexual excellence
My gorgeous woman is full of attractiveness and glamour
Always wanting me to ram her like a hammer
It’s always nice to see ladies out in force like a rammer
With their beauty having me rolling stoned like Mick Jagger
Fresh from the salon looking prim, proper and pampered
Making us men all happy like a bunch of campers
Totally in love with their unique physiques and swagger
Personalities ranging from mild and shy to being a firecracker
I love women so much that it becomes a fascination
This is no joke or a fabrication
Every woman I meet is more than a pretty face
All poised with all that style and grace
I’m in love with their deep-rooted delicacy
I love seeing them grouped like a delegacy
They make us men want to be all gentlemanly
A woman’s beauty captivates me genuinely
Their attractiveness are a huge sense of relevancy
And quite evidently
My sexy lady turns me on when she speaks eloquently

Copyright © 2016 René Olivierre all rights reserved


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