Posted: February 29, 2016 in Uncategorized


(Unorthodox Nature Is Quite Unlike Everyone Now Expressing Self Singularity)

To all the dickheads and c***s****rs
Laying back like most motherfuckers
Whilst taking shots at me
Chatting nonsense like a fallacy
My lifestyle’s unorthodox
A poetic equinox
I always admire artistic expression
It creates a unique impression
A unique personality is your only possession
Yes… people are gonna ask questions
About my modes of artistic expressions
I don’t give a damn nor am I stressing
About some bitchy geezer acting like a right Betsy
Putting me to sleep like narcolepsy
Having more fits than hits like epilepsy
Going at me hard and tensely
It probably hurts your mind
That myself and many others are one of a kind
Naysayers will continue to chew us like bacon rind
However I will continue to stay on my grind
The individuals here are beyond a fine design
Whereas the sheeple are all zombified and blind
Although us unique ones are seen to be as wacky as Optimus Prime
We do from time to time like to unwind
Yes I am an outlandish individual
Others would find me irresistible
They say my style is enigmatic and inexplicable
Fools will say it looks inappropriate and inadmissible
It’s a common fact that you can’t please everyone
But I’m not just any old anyone

Am I?

Copyright © 2016 René Olivierre all rights reserved


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