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D.E.D.I.C.A.T.I.O.N. (Devotion Expressing Delight Is Considered A True Indication Of Nobility)

As bleak as the world may seem
Never give up on your dream
However small or extreme
It may be or supreme
Extreme devotion should make you burst at the seams
With excitement you should scream
Without losing your self-esteem
Whatever the theme
Please keep your devotion and adherence
Keep on strengthening your perseverance
Diminish the bad influence or the interference
No matter how much times you get knocked down
You still get up and make a reappearance
Remember to always be alert with coherence
I am dedicated to a lot of things
I don’t need Red Bull to give me wings
With this bow I have a lot of strings
Always on a high like swings
When it comes to our destiny— we’re queens and kings
People come up from nothing to swanning in Palm Springs
With your dreams and aspirations— you pledge allegiance
Study and work hard like a bunch of collegians
Until your dreams and aspirations become your freedoms
Don’t let any no-hopers become an impedance
In this day and age it’s hard to find commitment
Especially if people aren’t blessed with financial equipment
Dreamers are finding it hard to stay consistent
But we got to stay hardworking and persistent
Don’t cut yourself off short like an abridgment
I see people with this sophisticated style and bewitchment
Don’t ever feel down and out like a crack addict
Just dust yourself off and get right back at it
Keep it moving and grooving like a mad rabbit
Drop the negative vibes like a bad habit
You can achieve your dreams— it can be done
Don’t let people tell you that you’re dumb
It’s your time to have the naysayers stunned
And go POP, POP, POP like a mad man with a gun
Don’t pay any mind to aggravation
Just study hard and achieve your dreams and aspirations
Keep on putting in the effort
Even if the heat gets to you like the Sahara Desert
Yes— you’re gonna have some stress and pressure
But the outcome of it will give you some serious pleasure
Take no notice of other people’s consolations
Put in the hard work and concentration
Forget the jealous fools who bring bad judgment and condemnation
All they wanna do is cause madness and confrontation
Dedicate yourself to that dream and that ambition
And you’ll see that beautiful transition

Copyright © 2016 René Olivierre all rights reserved


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