Rest In Power To The World’s Greatest… Muhammad Ali 

Posted: July 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

Muhammad Ali—The World’s Greatest 
Damn man! I’ve just heard the latest

About Muhammad Ali aka The World’s Greatest 

The world’s most charismatic man in boxing and entertainment 

Has passed away today mate 

To say that I’m saddened is an understatement 

No boxer alive could take his emplacement 

He was definitely the bravest 

That man would have us all in amazement 

You’ll be linking on to his every word like a bracelet 

Totally loved and totally hated 

Simply because he spoke about the modern enslavement 

As well as these serious issues that are blatant 

He took down his opponents like an assailant 

The walking example of “Edutainment” 

This year has been very lame 

The world would officially never be the same

He certainly put the likes of Joe Frazier to shame

His ubiquitous personality was his claim to fame 

I am totally floored and saddened 

That Ali’s death actually happened 

Right now I’m emotionally flattened 

It’s like the whole world has totally blackened 

My sincere condolences go out to the whole of the Ali family 

He’s probably up there smiling happily 

With the current world full of shit and fallacies 

Hitting us all like a malady 

This man was full of charm, wit and charisma 

Some would say that he was an enigma 

Haters will continue to try and attach a stigma 

Right now the boxing will never be the same

The likes of Mayweather have gone beyond insane 

It’s devastating that the world has lost another legend 

His name Muhammad Ali will be forever mentioned 

He has made an everlasting impression 

There are not enough words to show my expression 

About the man who tackled issues such as oppression 

And always for a hot second 

He stood up for black people without feeling threatened 

Putting in the work of the hope of a progression 
*written on 04/06/2016*
Copyright © 2016 René Olivierre all rights reserved


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