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Rest In Paradise Prince Be

Posted: August 13, 2016 in Uncategorized

Tears For Prince Be
Three years after I was born 

Set Adrift On Memory Bliss by P.M. Dawn 

At the time I was a three year old Sean 

I would play their music on an early morn 

Since Prince Be’s death–I can’t bring myself to mourn 

The crap music of today makes me wanna yawn 

There will never be another P.M. Dawn type to spawn 

Their music was as addictive as watching porn 

Prince Be dared to be different 

Which made the hardcore fans of rap all ignorant 

His lyrics are sweet and smooth like limericks 

The good guy in Hip-Hop surrounded by belligerence 

Which happened to be the same belligerents who are illiterate 

Bitching and bickering 

About P.M. Dawn’s style difference 

Whilst they’re wallowing in gibberish 

The overweight lover with the dreads in his hair 

Swanning around with his beads without a care 

This man had a great style and flare 

In those days it was pretty rare 

He was the type to put a step in the stairs 

Even when the oddball rappers would give him stares 

Prince Be would stand alone like solitaire 

His music would enrich me like a millionaire

With my glass of red wine

Watching those ratchet women do the dutty wine 

To the song “Reality Used To Be a Friend Of Mine”

I can always relate to every word and every line 

To that song during my spare time 

Laying down in semi-supine 

With that song penetrating my mind 

Back in the days it was criminal 

To be a rapper who was a unique individual 

But Prince Be was more than just a unique individual 

He was a live visual 

And my days wasn’t he original 

His soothing delivery on every syllable 

On all the songs he done were permissible 

When it came to pushing boundaries he was the pinnacle 

At a time where being different wasn’t pivotal 

And hardcore rappers would get all political 

Prince Be knew how to make music medicinal 

As well as to make uniqueness acceptable and admissible 

His music will play and live on for years 

And so will my tears 

Prince Be is now at peace 

Away from these mad streets 

Flooded by the sounds of police 

His music will always be a masterpiece 
Copyright © 2016 René Olivierre all rights reserved.