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Taylor vs Taylor 

Posted: September 9, 2016 in Uncategorized

Taylor Schilling vs Taylor Swift— Which Taylor is Tailored To The World Stage? 
These two ladies here are making a killing 

From slow bucks to a swift schilling 

My hat goes off to Taylor Schilling 

On the TV screen she’s fulfilling 

On Orange Is The New Black 

Making the other TV shows look like lewd cack

The guys are stuck on her like Blue Tack 

With all eyes on her as if she was 2Pac 

Having mercy on her like they’re dying to hit the sack

Ain’t nothing new Jack

One of the hottest actresses on TV 

She’s a walking CV 

With beauty as well as talent 

For most women it’s quite a task to balance 

And many have failed at the challenge 

She makes her appearance appear strong and gallant 

My oh my! 

For a white woman she’s easy on the eye 

Damn I could cry 

Because she is so damn immaculate and fly

Like Emily in the film The Overnight 

And like an overnight— her success is taking flight 

Now let’s take a swift turn on the other Taylor 

The one who caters to crap like a bad tailor 

Not to write her off totally— I like two of her songs 

But I ain’t getting up her arse like a thong 

A huge chunk of me finds her really annoying 

She goes through blokes as if she was toying 

I think it’s that slapper persona she’s employing 

Going all out like she’s deploying 

I think it’s safe to see 

That she’s definitely not my cup of tea

But I do like the song Forever and Always 

I hear those young girls sing this song in the hallways 

Making more noises than warplanes 

Blocking the majority of doorways 

Singing with the aggression of a foray 

Then again—her style isn’t my forte 

The media are struggling to keep up with her love life 

Dating her must be a tough life 

Parading herself like she’s Little Miss Sunshine 

When really she’s giving her fellas a rough time 

Wasn’t it the other day she started off as a country singer? 

Now she’s got more pop than the guests on Jerry Springer 

She definitely ain’t no Nicole Scherzinger 

And I’m sure that most guys want to bite into her like a Zinger 

Why does her sad love life get so much press attention? 

It’s just beyond my comprehension 

Swanning around with her patronizing condescension 

Apparently her fans are starting a Taylor Swift convention 

So in a nutshell 

And I’m like “What the hell?”

One of them is a talented actress 

The other one’s a prickly cactus
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