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In A Trance Over Her… 

Posted: January 4, 2017 in Uncategorized

In A Trance Over Nairobi
I am in a trance over you

I’m bouncing around like a kangaroo

Like Sade you give me the sweetest taboo

Exploring this kind of madness that’s new

In a weird way you’re making me feel like a horny teen

You’re the cherry to my Dreem Teem

Always wanting and willing to redeem

Your sexuality and sexiness is always a bright gleam

Always looking like the cat who got the cream

With a black-on-black backdrop of a dominatrix theme

I can’t believe that you’re so hot and compelling

You’re such a turn-on with your urges for rebelling

You are story alone that I would love to keep on retelling

A sexy package like yourself shouldn’t be made for reselling

Of course— you’re a lady not for repelling

As you’re usually coming down on me as if you were rappelling

Miss Nairobi you are by far the most compelling 

Woman— without the need for comparing

My attraction to you is swelling

No one woman should have all this power

Standing tall over me like the Blackpool Tower

Blossoming yourself all over me like a flower

You’ve got me turned on with your influence

Giving orders to me like an issuance

I’m loving the way you’re so conspicuous

Feeling and touching up every part of my constituents
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